Bucket List


Jump off of a high dive
Explore a cave
Go white water rafting
Go horseback riding
Climb a mountain
Go on a safari
Ride an elephant
Ride a camel
Swim with sharks
Swim with dolphins
Bungee jump
Ice skate on a pond
Zip Line through the Rainforest
Go scuba diving
Snorkel with tropical fish
Swim with sea turtles
Go whale watching
Overnight Hike
Camp on a beach
Kayak in the Ocean
Stand under a Waterfall
Fly in a hot air balloon
Go dog sledding
Walk on a glacier
Go handgliding
Ride in a dune buggy
Go cliff jumping
Ride a snowmobile
Jet Ski
Do a high-ropes course
Sail a boat
Ride in a helicopter


See the Modern Wonders of The World: 
 Great Wall of China,
Machu Picchu (Peru),
Chichen Itza (Mexico),
Colosseum (Italy),
Taj Mahal (India),
Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt),

Petra (Jordan),
Christ the Redeemer (Brazil),
Eat a crepe in Paris
Swim in the Mediterranean
Have moussaka in Greece
Eat Tapas in Spain
Wander the streets of Rome 
Do Yoga in India
Do Yoga in Bali
Swim in the baths in Budapest
Learn to Samba in Brazil
Learn to Tango in Argentina
Learn to cook something in Italy
Explore a ruined castle in Germany
Eat Schnitzel and Bratwurst in Germany
Stay in a riad in Morocco
Sleep in a Berber Tent in the Sahara desert
Eat Gelato in Italy
See the Pyramids of Giza
Swim in Malta’s Blue Lagoon
Climb a temple in Guatemala
Eat a Mozart ball in Salzburg
Go to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam
Go Backpacking in Europe
Go Backpacking in South America
Take a gondola ride in Venice
Visit every state in the US. (NOW: 28/50)
Step foot on all seven continents
See important biblical sights in Israel
Attend the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand 
Have french fries in Belgium
Try Chicago's deep dish pizza
Have bagels/lox in New York City
See Victoria Falls in Africa
See Igazu Falls in Argentina
See the Nazca Lines in Peru
Hike the Inca Trail


Graduate from High School
Receive an Associate Degree
Receive a Bachelors Degree
Receive a Masters Degree
Learn to play the guitar
Learn to play the Ukulele 
Learn to play the piano
Become fluent in German
Become conversational in Spanish
Learn to snowboard
Learn to surf
Teach a class in something
Say “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “Thank You” in 10 languages 
Learn the alphabet in ASL
Learn to Sew


Blow Glass
Make my own pottery
Write a song
Write a book
Learn to play the ukulele
Learn to play the piano
Be published
Make a candle
Improve my drawing and painting skills
Make handmade Christmas gifts for family one year
Learn to sew


Plant a tree
Be an organ donor
Volunteer in a third world country
Write thank you notes for people I really care about
Put change in an expired meter for someone
Volunteer with at-risk youth
Volunteer at a homeless shelter
Give blood
Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer with animals

Do Yoga
Try Bikram Yoga
Run a 5k
Run a 10k
Run a Half Marathon
Run a Marathon
Climb a Mountain
Play Paintball
Learn to Surf
Do a flip on a trampoline
Go “shooting”
Shoot with a bow and arrow
Dive into a foam pit
Learn to Swing Dance
Learn to Salsa
Learn to Samba
Learn to Tango

Plant a vegetable garden
Bake fresh bread
Go to a fancy restaurant by myself
Drink milk straight from a coconut
Plant an herb garden
Have fondue on a date
Toss pizza dough in the air
Finally learn to hold chopsticks the correct way
Cook my way through a cookbook
Order room service
Write a cookbook
Have a big, beautiful gourmet style kitchen
Make my own pasta
Make my own ice cream
Have a fancy dinner party
Pig out at an XXL restaurant
Make my own pizza


See the northern lights
Test drive a really sexy car
Visit a ghost town
Write a love letter
Receive a love letter
Attend a Luau
Travel by myself
Visit a butterfly sanctuary
Attend a Renaissance Fair
Stay in an underwater hotel
Live in a foreign country
Design and build our dream house
Witness a total eclipse of the sun

Check out our EXPLORE page to see where we've been and where we want to go!

Here are the things (also found above on the Bucket List) That I want to accomplish before my 25th birthday:

- Receive a bachelors degree in journalism
- Backpack through South America
- Volunteer in a third world country
- Go bungee jumping
- Go skydiving
- Become fluent in German
- Become conversational in Spanish
- Run a marathon
- Learn how to surf
- Climb a mountain
- Purchase a starter home


EMMA said...

Great bucket list! I have one, too.


Leia said...

Awesome list! Here's mine:


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