Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dos and Don'ts for Climbing Mount Timpanogos

Mount Timpanogos is the second tallest mountain in Utah's Wasatch mountain range. It's also the first real mountain I've ever climbed. I can say without hesitation that reaching the summit was one of the most physically challenging and mentally rewarding things I've ever done.  The hike is strenuous but not difficult on a technical level so even inexperienced hikers can reach the top with enough willpower.

Here are some tips to help make the most out of your climb!

DO: Pack enough snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Energy bars, string cheese and trail mix are all good options. Consider bringing some sugary snacks for quick bursts of energy when you need it.

DON'T: Overpack. A small backpack with straps at the waist and chest is ideal. The heaviest item in your pack should be drinking water.

DO: Climb more than once.  The man in the photo above has summited Mount Timp one to two times a week (throughout climbing season) for the past several years! You don't need to go that often, but it's an interesting hike that has it all: forest, meadows, lakes...even a glacier!

DON'T: Climb before May or after October, and even then check the climbing conditions before you go.  Winter hiking requires technical climbing experience and is much more dangerous. June-September are the ideal climbing months.

DO:  Get started early. We started our hike at the Timpooneke trailhead in American Fork Canyon at 6:30 AM and still didn't reach the top until about 3:30 PM. If you plan on beginning any later than the crack of dawn, bring a flashlight for the way back!

DON'T: Overdress. Summer hikers probably only need a T-shirt and windbreaker. Spring and Fall hikers will likely need a T-Shirt, a warmer layer and a windbreaker plus a hat and gloves. Dress in layers, because the hike can be warm near the bottom and then windy and bitterly cold once you reach the ridge line.

DO: Wear shoes or boots that fit well and support your ankles. The last third of the trail crosses what is essentially a giant pile of rocks and slate. Your ankles will roll if they don't have the proper support.

DON'T: Litter. This much should be obvious. Finding trash along this gorgeous trail is no fun!

DO:  Take your time to enjoy the summit.  It will have taken you the better part of the day to get there, so spend forty minutes or an hour resting and taking in the views. You might even see some mountain goats!  


Linda said...

Wonderful post, and your photos are gorgeous!

Vapid Vixen said...

Ya know, I've lived in Salt Lake for 9 years now and have never hiked Mt. Timp. I'm a disgrace.


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