Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Easy + Cheap Halloween Costume Idea: Velma

I decided I wanted to be Velma for Halloween just a few weeks ago when I was watching Scooby Doo with my friend's kids. It fit right in my favorite category of Halloween costumes: Something cute but quirky and fun. Past halloween costumes include but are not limited to: Where's Waldo, Rainbow Brite, Mary Poppins, etc;.   I grew up watching Scooby Doo and ALWAYS related to Velma. I was never much of a Daphne.

What was the best thing about this costume? When all was said and done the outfit only cost me $8, one trip to the thrift store and a stop at walmart.


Orange Turtleneck - Thrifted ($3)
Red Skirt - Already in my closet! It was originally from the Etsy Store Seven Blooms.
Orange Socks - Walmart ($3.87, in a pack with two other knee-highs)
Shoes - Already in my closet. Originally from Nasty Gal. 
Magnifying Glass - Walmart ($0.94) 
Glasses - These glasses are my regular prescription glasses and worked perfectly, but any cheap pair of fake glasses from a drugstore would work!

Total Cost: $7.81! 

Happy Halloween, everyone! What/who are you dressing up as? 


Sweet Love and Ginger said...

That second picture is awesome! I love your expression!

Samantha Heather said...

This is one of my ideas for Halloween this year!! My boyfriend wants to go as Shaggy and me as Velma! hehe so great

Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Haha I love it! The photo of you looking for the glasses on the ground... I can so relate! ha!

Karm said...

Awesome!! I have been wanting to be Velma for 2 years now, and I could never find an orange turtleneck!!
Cute costume!!
That last photo of you made me laugh out loud.

Ada Hsieh said...

omg the pic of you on the floor looking for your glasses cracked me up!! so awesome! great job! :)

quirkylittleplanet said...

I love this! You look awesome!


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