Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Don't Americans Care About Soccer?

Most of you know that I have a German husband. Said German husband is, along with the rest of Germany/Europe/Earth, very much obsessed with Soccer.  With the start of the world cup he now spends every free moment he has checking the scores, and we exchange multiple texts a day regarding the outcome of various matches.

Just putting it out there: I am not a sports fan. I do enjoy watching soccer, but I have to credit that mostly to having spent 2.5+ years living in a country that LOVED watching soccer (In German, we call it Fussball) and went absolutely bananas during the world cup.  Before moving to Germany, I didn't care about soccer at all.

But why is that?

Why is it that in the USA, soccer is largely considered a sport for kids to play and eventually outgrow?  It doesn't really bother me that it's that way....I'm just genuinely curious.

Because everywhere else in the world, Soccer/futbol/fussball is a BIG deal. The world cup is the most watched sporting event in the history of the ever!  People should be into that, right? But, no.  I could easily list five cups way more important to Americans than the world cup: 

1. The Stanley Cup
2. Reese's peanut butter cups
3. 7/11 Big Gulp cups
4. Those red cups they hand out at frat parties
5. Cup o' noodles

So I guess I just what to throw the question out into the world: what is with America's apathy towards soccer? Why don't we care about it like every other country on earth does?

I know this post doesn't really have any conclusion, but I definitely find it interesting! What's your take on the world cup and Soccer in general?


Whitney Alison said...

I think because so many other sports here compete...Basketball for instance and American Football. We haven't been conditioned to enjoy it. Our local team the Columbus Crew were the MLS champs a few years back, and I swear most of the people I know weren't even aware. I dated someone in college who introduced me to it, so I enjoy it, but not to the level of football :)

Heidi said...

I played soccer in college so I'm in the minority of Americans who care about soccer. Plus, my husband and I honeymooned in Brazil and went to a game - so yeah, we're "those" Americans. Although, maybe it's just my German heritage coming through :)

Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

I'm from a really small town in the in Virginia. The only youth leagues there growing up were baseball/softball and then a small football team for elementary students. Middle and high school had the same sports, plus marching band and basketball. That was it. I actually petitioned for a soccer team at my middle school, but no one there had ever played and didn't understand the rules (I played in my own front yard with my neighbor, but I doubt I even knew the rules then.)

That was it... those were the options. I can't tell you where the closest soccer, hockey, or lacrosse team was (to this day I have no idea without a Google search), but it wasn't anywhere within several hours driving distance, I'm sure. I think this sort of thing is part of the reason so many Americans aren't all that into it; many of us have just never been exposed to it. I'm in Southern California now and EVERYONE is obsessed with the World Cup here. Location, location, location.


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