Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Look at This Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff // Week 1

For Nerds Like Me:

  • Artist creates pixelated classic paintings using legos // I don't know how he ever thought to do this, but I'm really impressed. Naturally, lego saw this and is turning it into a national campaign! And why wouldn't they?
  • This witty infographic will tell you whether or not you're reading a gothic novel.  // According to this, I haven't read a gothic novel since high school.
  • Watching Game of Thrones this week, I became immediately obsessed with this dress that Sansa wore in her last scene. // Costume design for television and movies has always fascinated me, because I like to see how costumes change as characters evolve. After an episode in which we begin to understand that Sansa is a lot smarter than she looks or act, I'm happy to see that her pretty-little-nice-girl dresses have been retired to her closet.
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, the Viper and the Mountain are still totally buddies on instagram. // As a side note, this show is teaching me that I should just never love anything.
  • If you're looking for an incredibly nerdy but pretty awesome medieval fantasy series to read, I HAVE FOUND IT.  // I'll have finished the second book by the end of the week. Third book come out soon? The books are VERY good at world building and have fleshed out characters I'm growing to love.  They're easier reads than GoT, probably meant for a bit younger audience, and definitely more family friendly. #nerdlifeforeva 

Wedding Photography Madness: 

Just Some Good Life Stuff: 

Pretty Things I Like: 

  • A Well Travelled Woman // A pretty Tumblr with travel photos and quotes and other nice things I like.
  • Lingered Upon //  Alice Gao is a photographer I really admire and her blog is always filled with effortless, minimalist gorgeousness.
  • This Swimsuit. // Just kill me with the pretty.
  • These shoes. And these ones. And these ones. 


Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

I just LOVED Sansa's dress too!

see what i sea designs said...

the gothic novel infografic reminded me of this...


Samantha Heather said...

Those wedding photography links were so helpful! Loved it. My own enemy (when it comes to my photography) is myself. I seriously need a reality check sometimes.

Also, lets talk Game of Thrones sometime. I don't know nearly enough bloggers who watch and enjoy the show as much as I do!

Kylie Pond said...

Brandon Sanderson authored one of my favorite reads of all time, so I'll definitely have to look into those books!


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