Monday, May 12, 2014

Some Big Changes

When I moved to Utah a year ago, my goal was ultimately to work full time as a photographer and freelancer. I already knew that I didn't like working for anybody else, and I wanted to set my own hours and ultimately work for myself.

But moving is expensive, and introducing yourself to a totally new market - especially one as deeply saturated as Utah - takes time.  We needed to survive, so I got a full time job working for a beauty company in downtown Salt Lake City. turns out I really loved that job.

It was demanding work. I did a lot of traveling for it, which was as exciting as it was exhausting. And working those 40-50 hours a week, it was easy to start feeling comfortable with what we had. I was making good money, we could afford everything we needed....but I had little motivation to pursue any of my hobbies, passions, or dreams when I got home each night.  I felt like a robot on repeat, victim to a routine, even if that routine could be rewarding sometimes.

So, finally....I worked up the courage to quit. I worked up the courage to admit to myself that I'm capable of more than what I was doing.

 Friday was my last day there, and while it was definitely bittersweet I finally feel free to do what I want to do, and turn that into a career.

I am terrified. I have no idea if my plans will work out. It's possible that I will fail, and that my husband and I will spend a few months being poor and uncomfortable until I get another job.

But I really don't want to fail, and in that fear there is motivation.

We are always our own worst critics...that is common knowledge. But right now I need to tell myself what I know to be true, even if self confidence gets in the way sometimes:

I am talented.

I am creative.

I can do this.


Sweet Love and Ginger said...

You can totally do this. Good Luck!

Gentri said...

You can do it!! You are so talented, I can't wait to see where life takes you.

Jasmin said...

I wish you a successful start with your own business. That's a big step but it's worth the risk! Good luck from Germany.

erin e flynn said...

Congrats on taking the leap! You'll do great!

If you're ever near Denver, I'm reserving a spot with you for photos! =D

Ashley Ludaescher said...

The things that scare us are usually the most rewarding. I was terrified when I quit my well paid (but boring) photography job to take a leap of faith in a new city to go freelance, but it was the best decision ever. You are going to rock Utah, you are so super talented!! Big hugs from Berlin :)

see what i sea designs said...

Good for you! That's a bold move that takes lots of courage! I can't wait to see what your creative side will do now!

Sara Louise said...

From what I've seen of you these past few years through blogging, I know that you are a very intrepid young women and you can most definitely do this! Good luck :)


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