Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Puerto Penasco, Mexico - Sonoran Sun Resort

A few months ago, we made a road trip down with some friends to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. It's only about an hour or two past the Arizona-Mexico Border so is really not too bad of a drive.

It was winter - snowing left and right up in Salt Lake City, so the escape down to warm, sunny Sonora Mexico was absolutely the answer.

We checked into our hotel - The Sonoran Sun resort, booked through Rocky Point Rentals - at about 8 PM or so.  Having no idea what to expect, we were excited to see how spacious and comfortable our room was. It had a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a living area (with an impressively sized television) and a huge balcony perfect for sitting out on to enjoy the sun.  This was our first time doing a vacation rental in Mexico and I couldn't have been more pleased!

Our rooms came equipped with a full kitchen, which we took full advantage of throughout the trip for our breakfasts and lunches.  We picked up groceries at the local market and sat out on the balcony to eat. Being stuck in a landlocked state for so long, I need to say that being so close to the ocean - to actually feel the salt air - is more than satisfying, it's magical. 

That pool! Complete with a swim-up bar and two hot tubs, this swimming pool was everything we could ask for on vacation. I do prefer ocean swimming to pool swimming, but the ocean was a bit cold and I'm a wimp.  

This was a vacation in its truest form. On most trips I take, I bounce from site to site, restaurant to restaurant, so quickly that there's no real time to slow down. This trip wasn't about that - it was about relaxation. We would sleep in late and move at our own pace.  The best part about the Sonoran Sun resort was how close it was to the beach...literally just steps to the ocean.  Growing up in California, I think I'd taken the feeling of wet sand on bare feet for granted, but I promise I'll never do that again. Even writing this now, I wish I could be right back there on that beach. 

Our stay at the Sonoran Sun Resort in Puerto Penasco, Mexico was compensated, but all of these opinions are 100% my own. I would wholeheartedly recommend staying there if you're planning a trip out to mexico, and I'd do it without hesitation.  We are planning another trip to Mexico and will definitely be going back!

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Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Lovely! Being so close to Mexico now I'm aching to make a trip down! This makes me all that more excited to do so!


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