Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Hardy Houseplants You Might Not Kill

I am a plant killer. There is a warrant out for my arrest.  It doesn't matter if it's herb plants for my kitchen or house plants for around the house - anything green and growing will only eventually find death under my care. So I started to look into plants which would be easy to take care of for even a black-thumbed human like me. Maybe, just maybe, I'll manage to go without killing these ones. Probably not though. 

Five House Plants You Might Have Trouble Killing: 

1. Creeping Pilea 

This plant is also known as Creeping Charlie, and I love the way it hangs over pots and creates an overgrown look. It'll do fine in both low and bright light. 

 The tiny leaves are waxy and retain moisture well, so you only need to water it about once a week, or even less in lower light settings. My apartment doesn't have a lot of window light so I like the sound of this. 

2. Snake Plant

This plant apparently seems to thrive on neglect, and since neglect seems to be my middle name when it comes to plant care, I am already on board. 

 The Snake plant is a form of succulent and it is better to water it too little than too much. Over watering can actually cause the plant to rot, since succulents store water to use over time. 

You'll only need to water the thing once every two to three weeks depending on how hot it is and if it's in low or bright light settings - and it'll survive in either setting, booyah. 

Overall this seems like a super forgiving plant so I'll be purchasing one ASAP. 

3. Panda Plant

I think panda plants are so cute! Light gray/green in color and covered in light fuzz, this plant so far is winning as my favorite. 

Like the snake plant, you're going to want to avoid overwatering this beauty. Once every two weeks or so will be fine, even if it's sitting in full sun. 

I think this one would look really nice in my kitchen windowsill. 

4. Watermelon Peperomia 

I chose to include this plant because it has a different look than the others, and I think the reddish color is super unique and pretty. This one seems to require a bit more maintenance than the others, but maybe I'll work my way up to this one. 

This plant thrives in bright but indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered once every seven to nine days. 

Drainage is critical with this plant to prevent rot, so definitely make sure the pot has the proper holes in the bottom and that the plant is never sitting in water. 

5. ZZ Plants

The ZZ plant is one that I actually own, and the ONLY plant I own that I haven't killed yet, so I can speak for this one from personal experience. 

ZZ plants can tolerate hanging out in very low-light, so it'll be the perfect plant to brighten up that dark corner you weren't sure what to do with. They can also grow quite large, which could be either exciting or intimidating depending how you look at it. 

Only water it every two weeks or so, remembering that when in doubt this plant prefers to have its soil on the drier side. 

Are you a plant killer like me? What kinds of house plants have you managed to keep alive? I'm curious! 


Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Love the title to this haha! I actually planted a bunch of different succulents in a planter that hangs on my balcony railing and thought to myself, "This is great... You can't kill succulents in California. They live on their own." I was so wrong. Off to try something new! Thanks for the suggestions!

Heidi said...

I desperately need to add more greenery to my house and I haven't yet because I'm always fearful of killing them! I see a few panda plants in my future! Thank you.

Gaby said...

i am such a plant killer, i even kill succulents! love the snake plant, will have to check it out :)

see what i sea designs said...

Indoors, I've so far only been able to keep multiple Christmas Cacti alive and forced some paperwhite bulbs. Hydrangea, potted or stemmed, elude me. Outdoors, I have a merry potted garden full or geraniums and herbs. Go figure!


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