Saturday, April 12, 2014

FlipBurger: Modern Fast Food Dining in the South

On a recent trip to Birmingham, Alabama, a friend recommended that I go to eat at Flip Burger. I walked into the establishment with little to no idea of what to expect - in fact, the name Flip Burger had me expecting some little hole-in-the-wall burger joint.As you can see, that is not what I found.

Flip Burger calls itself a Modern Burger Boutique and boasts the decor to match. With locations in Georgia and Alabama, it offers guests a modern dining experience that is miles away from anything you would expect out of a burger place.

At Flip, the usually humble hamburger is transformed from a grease bomb into an edible work of art. “We only have two rules,” said Chef Blais in an interview with The Birmingham News. “One is that whatever we call a burger has to be ground. That doesn’t have to be beef. It can be another meat or it can be vegetable or it can be seafood. The other rule is it has to be served on a bun.” With chorizo, lamb, and crab sharing menu space with Wagyu beef, the restaurant fully lives up to its slogan “Fine Dining Between Two Buns.”

Deciding to go big or go home, I started off dinner with one of Flip's famous liquid nitrogen milkshakes - the Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow. Imagine my surprise as I watched my server pull out a blow torch and literally light the marshmallows on fire before serving it to me.  This milkshake is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind - only those with the most impressive of sweet tooths need apply.  

Flip Burger has no shortage of fried foods to enjoy before your meal arrives. Our group ordered a sampler platter ($9) so we could taste a variety of the greasy goodness this establishment had to offer.
The vodka battered onion rings with beer honey mustard ($4) were impeccable, and this is coming from someone who really does not like onions. 
For the main course, you have a pretty interesting selection to choose from.  The Lamburger ($12) is made with strauss lamb and topped with goat cheese, saffron pickled zucchini, arugula and harissa ketchup. The Oaxaca burger ($9) is made from more traditional beef, but topped with avocado, cilantro-lime mayo, queso fresco and pico de gallo. I personally decided to be daring and chose the chorizo burger ($8.5)  which is made with chorizo spiced pork, hasbrowns, and toped with a fried egg, manchego, spanish paprika and smoked mayo.  As a meat lover and a burger lover, I was pretty blown away.

Vegetarians also have their place at FlipBurger - the Fauxlafel burger ($8) is made with chickpeas, cucumber and tzatziki, and the Vedge Burger offers a patty made with beets, black beans and brown rice.

Overall I really enjoyed Flip Burger - it was a fun, non-traditional spin on such a classic food. Be sure to stop by one of their locations if you ever find yourself down south. 

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We have a few locations here in Atlanta but haven't been able to go yet! I'll definitely have to give it a go!


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