Friday, January 24, 2014

Explored: Field of Dreams Alpaca Farm

When visiting my parents in California, the family and I stopped to visit Field of Dreams Alpaca Farm in Tehachapi, California.  My mom is interested in spinning and weaving and quilting, so she wanted to go to check out the Al Paca wool (fur?) for sale. I just wanted to look at the cute animals.

As you probably already know, Al Pacas and Llamas are not the same thing. This farm had both - a whole bunch of Al Pacas and one very large, very friendly Llama who actually roamed free around the farm and would just walk up to you to say hi. The llama and I are pretty much best buddies now.

Isn't this kitty beautiful? I'm not even a cat person, but she was so graceful, friendly and lovely that I thought about maybe possibly becoming a cat person in the future. If  not, I'll just come back and visit.

This little Al Paca was just one week old when this photo was taken.  His little legs were still wobbly as he walked around. According to the farmer who owns Field of Dreams, baby Alpacas stand up just a few minutes or hours after birth!  I MEAN REALLY WITH THE CUTE.

If you're in the Bakersfield/Tehachapi area and want to go see some cute animals, stop by! This would be a great activity to do with children. Field of Dreams does tours by appointment.


Heidi said...

Absolutely adorable! My aunt and uncle own an alpaca farm and they are just beautiful animals. I just posted an outfit earlier this week with an alpaca sweater my aunt and uncle gave me. Love alpaca wool! It's so soft and not itchy.

Rachel said...

They are adorable--especially the one week old!
My husband's aunt just told me that she's going to give me some alpaca wool to use for crocheting!

Samantha Heather said...

New favourite animal - baby alpaca!


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