Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Beef with Black Friday

I have always been a bit wary of Black Friday. I never failed to see the irony in the idea that we as a country were supposed to take one day (ONE DAY, AMERICA!) to be purposefully grateful for what we have, but then run out the very next day to ultra-consume and buy up everything we didn't have before.

But the deals were good, so I participated to an extent (online shopping, none of this in-store madness) and took it with a grain of salt. Sure it's a little wacky, but who doesn't love a sale?

Following this, I spent three consecutive Thanksgivings/Black Fridays living in Europe, where no such madness existed. I would still get online to snag some sweet deals, but couldn't actively participate in the experience.

So imagine my surprise, at my first stateside Thanksgiving since 2009, when Black Friday started not on Friday but....on Thursday? "Grey Thursday?" ON Thanksgiving? ON the day we were supposed to be purposefully grateful?  There we were, eating dinner with family and at 5 PM, people were popping up to go score their holiday deals!

I have sooo many problems with this:*

1. When a retail location opens it's doors on Thanksgiving, it forces employees to leave their families and spend the national holiday battling crazed shoppers.

2. Instead of taking one day, really no more than 5 or 6 hours really, to spend time with loved ones, people are choosing instead to go battle each other inside a Macy's and Target for electronics and appliances.

3. Let's go visit this website, which has been keeping a count on the deaths and injuries that were caused by Black Friday shopping. This happens EVERY YEAR.  So far we're at seven deaths and eighty-eight injuries. We're not fighting/stampeding to escape war or persecution, to get to food or water or things that would keep us alive. We are literally killing each other over playstations and the XBOX ONE.

Tiny spoiler:

I saw Catching Fire this week. There is a scene where Peeta and Katniss are absolutely disgusted by the fact that people in the Capitol purposely make themselves sick in order to stuff more food down, while people in the outer districts are dying of starvation. THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT BLACK FRIDAY. We are the silly, twittering Capitol citizens that seemed so ignorant and ridiculous to us in the books and movies.

I have a feeling it's going to get worse every year.


*senseless ranting is about to start. 


Autumn said...

I refuse to go shopping on Thanksgiving.

Liz J said...

I could not agree more! Glad there are a few sane Americans left out there.

Treasure Tromp said...

YES, I absolutely agree. ugh it makes me sick.

Whitney Alison said...

I stayed home. I know what its like to work...I had to go in at 1130pm on thursday a few years ago. I don't want/need anything that badly.


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