Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That Time My Brother and I Spontaneously Went To Knott's Berry Farm

My little brother is four years behind me. I feel like I blinked, and he went from being this irritating but loveable little kid to this funny, ginormous (he's 6'4") senior in high school. He is pretty much my favorite person on the planet.

In late July (I've sucked at blogging so much I still have not told you about late July, and it's now late August) I flew from Salt Lake City to California to photograph a wedding. I booked the tickets assuming that it would also be a great opportunity to spend time with my family - until I was informed that both of my parents were actually out of town. Luckily, my little brother was able to pick me up from the Long Beach Airport at around 9 AM that Friday morning.

"Wanna go somewhere for breakfast?" I asked as we pulled away from the terminal in the beat up black volvo that I had driven all through high school.

Connor looked over at me. "Wanna go to Disneyland?" He asked me in return.

I thought he was joking. He was totally serious. We decided after a brief discussion that Disneyland requires too much committed time and I had to be back in Ventura County to shoot an engagement session that evening.  In long beach, we were only about 15 minutes from Knott's Berry Farm - and then it was settled.

We headed straight there. There weren't any lines - it was humid and drizzling slightly. We only stayed for about three hours, hitting up all of the major roller coaster.  Accelerator was probably the most intense roller coaster I've ever been on - we took off from the loading area so fast I honestly don't remember what happened during the second half of the ride. Awesome !

Sometimes some spontaneous adventure with your sibling is the best way to start off the day. 


Jenna said...

Ah, I love Knott's Berry Farm... haven't been there in ages! You have one smart little brother on your hands... best idea ever :)


Nikki said...

okay so call me dumb but I actually though Knott's Berry Farm was going to be a berry farm. I feel like face palming myself now haha. Are berry farms even a real thing!? Good to hear you had fun! I'm terrified of roller coasters and haven't ridden one in years! xo

Kayli Schattner said...

How fun! I love spontaneous days like that!


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