Monday, July 22, 2013


As a Californian, I feel as though I have a right to say that I really know good sushi.  I LOVE sushi, in all shapes and sizes. I've been skeptical to try it since moving to Utah, however, as it's a landlocked state and I feel as though it just wouldn't be the same. Some co-workers of mine had some really good things to say about Takashi, a trendy restaurant on Market Street in downtown Salt Lake, but warned me that the high quality fish would come with a high quality price tag.

As my husband and I neared our two year anniversary, we decided that splurging on our favorite food would be the perfect way to celebrate the day together.

It was pouring when we entered the packed restaurant together. I'm not kidding when I say it was packed; there was a line clear out the door at 7 PM on a Tuesday night.  My father once told me that if I was ever in doubt over what restaurant to choose I should pick the one with the longer line. My father has traveled to more places and eaten at more restaurants than I could ever hope to count, so I saw the long wait time as a good omen.

 We were not disappointed. The fish tasted incredibly fresh, fresher in fact than many of the establishments I've sampled on the west coast. When I commented on this to our server, he noted that Takashi was in fact just minutes away from an international airport and they received shipments of fresh fish multiple times daily.

The restaurant definitely put its own spin on their sushi rolls.  Grilled peaches on sushi rolls, you say? I'll take it! Ceviche dipping sauce? Okay!  We were in heaven throughout the entire meal.

Takashi isn't cheap, though it's certainly not the most outrageously priced restaurant in the world. Two drinks, some edamame, two miso soups, four outstanding sushi rolls and some mango ice cream for desert rang us up at about $90 for the both of us and left us completely stuffed.  I'm happy to report that it was entirely worth it.

Are you a sushi lover? Where's your favorite place?


Melanie @ On Windswept Lane said...

That is the second time in the last two days I've heard of a restaurant overnight-shipping seafood into landlocked areas. Like you, I generally try to avoid eating seafood in those areas, which was difficult to do during my mission in Ghana. My experience there only served to strengthen my convictions, but now I may have to reconsider.

And am I a sushi lover? Am I! I'm visiting my parents in Monterey Bay, so fresh fish is easy to come by. So far I've eaten sushi at Crystal Fish (all-time fav place) twice since Friday and plan to have lunch there tomorrow...before hopping on a plane back to my landlocked town of residence.

Kayli Schattner said...

That sushi looks yum!!! I'm totally craving it now.

Kristin said...

Grilled peaches on sushi!? Sounds like heaven! There's a tiny little dive place near me - not even in the heart of the city where you'd expect the quality sushi to be - that has THE best sushi, and for really reasonable prices. It's my little hidden gem of a shop :)


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