Monday, July 1, 2013

Halfway There: Keeping Up With New Years Resolutions

It's July 1st. That means we're halfway through the year! This is exciting and also terrifying, because this year I made it a goal to really take my NYR's (New Years Resolutions) seriously and accomplish some major tasks. Seeing as we're halfway there now, I thought I'd offer a perfectly-honest report of how I'm doing to keep myself accountable and hopefully kick this butt into gear!

#1: Run a Half Marathon

I'll admit, I put this one on the back burner for a long time citing that I lacked the time to train. I just recently got back into following a strict running plan and am signed up for the Operation 61 Half Marathon on October 5th. The half marathon is a charity event to help end sex trafficking which is a cause I'm extremely excited to be a part of.

#2: Become Comfortable in Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class 

I've decided not to spring for the yoga studio membership here in SLC yet (though there are some AWESOME ones) and am doing Vinyasa Flow yoga at home a few times a week. I always feel better the mornings that I do Yoga and hope I can start doing it every morning! I will want to head back to a yoga studio soon, because I know an instructor can help me improve far more than I would on my own.

#3: Read The Four Gospels by Easter 

Check! I loved doing this. I saved the last book of John for Easter morning.

#4: Get a 4.0 "This Semester." 

By "this semester" I meant the spring semester at my local college. I checked this one off as well! I took 18 units in one semester and I will NEVER. DO IT. AGAIN. However, geting a 4.0 with that many classes was ridiculously satisfying.

#5: Invent 5 New Recipes and Photograph Them 

This one is a little tricky, because while I often adapt recipes, I'm not quite sure what qualifies "inventing" them. I'm going to define it as creating a recipe on my own that I didn't find online or in a recipe book that is at least somewhat original with some exciting ingredients. If that's the criterium I use, I'm currently at 1/5. Gotta step it up!

#6: Get Paid To Photograph a Wedding 

Check, check & check! I've already shot several weddings and have many more booked throughout 2013! Feeling blessed in this regard.

#7: Be Featured in a Publication. 
Some photos I took for a wedding inspiration shoot earlier this year will be featured in a bridal mag. I'm anxiously awaiting my copy so I can share more with you!

#8: Read 24 Books in Any Genre. 

This one is where I'm slacking. I really need to buckle down and read, right now I think I'm at 6 books when I really should be at 12. Oh no!

How are you doing on your NYR's? Please share! 


tiarenie said...

wow, congrats on #6 & 7!! excited to see your magazine feature. i think #8 is the hardest. i go through phases of intense reading then i completely stop all together for a few months! such a bad habit.

Van Nguyen said...

Great job on 3, 4, 6 and 7! Even though you will shoot and edit photos for weddings, now you can concentrate on your other resolutions (1, 2, 5 and 8)

My goal this year is to finish reading the Holy Bible for the first time. I read a little of it last year and I was hoping to finish it before this year is up. I'm a month behind. But I'm confident that I can accomplish my goal.

JC Carter said...

You are alot farther than i am on so many of my goals. Congrats!!

PS what books have you read.. My goal is 50 books (I read 45 last year), and I am terribly behind.

Melanie @ On Windswept Lane said...

Congratulations on all you've accomplished so far & best of luck with the rest of your resolutions!

BTW, #8 makes me physically's a reminder that I'm nine books behind my goal of reading 50 this year-- eek.

ifs ands Butts said...

You are WRECKING those resolutions, I am so impressed!

Mels said...

wow!!! Congrats!!! At the moment my unique goal is to get my degree :)


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