Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel Size Your Makeup Bag: Looking Put Together on the Go

No matter where you choose to travel to, it's easy to have your fair share of packing dilemmas. Packing the right amount of clothes is always a difficult balance to perfect, especially when you're not sure what sort of weather to be packing for. Once you've managed this feat, you are then confronted by the bathroom cabinet, and the challenge of whittling down the amount of make-up, lotions and potions you want to take away with you. As I contemplate a trip to England, I'm comforted by the fact that at the very least finding accommodation near London won't cause me so much of a problem. With great deals on hotels in Romford from Travelodge, I'm free to worry about how many bottles of perfume to pack.

Here are some tips and tricks for bringing your makeup bag on your trip!

Small size make-up bag
If you start with a small bag, you'll be less tempted to overfill it or try and cram in things you won’t need. There are loads of make-up bags on the market, all in different sizes, shapes and with many gorgeous designs. If you have a favourite larger make-up bag, check to see if the manufacturer makes a similar one scaled down so that all of your bits and bobs match. If you can find a bag that has a built in mirror (jackpot!) this can save you even more space.

A good concealer
Concealer is the basis of every make-up look, fantastic for hiding a multitude of sins or just to give you a little boost. Choose a tone lighter than your skin and it will cover imperfections before foundation is applied, and it can also be used to contour your face and highlight cheekbones and other areas.

Your favourite foundation
Don’t compromise on this one; if your foundation is wrong, you will not be happy with how your finished make-up looks. Bring the foundation you would ordinarily wear at home as you know the colour will match your skin tone and you will not have any allergic reaction to the ingredients. Apply a layer of this over the concealer to balance the colouring of your face.

Waterproof mascara
When you’re away you don’t know what could happen and it’s always best to be prepared for every eventuality. Invest in mascara that is designed to be long lasting and resistant to all weathers and situations. British weather (yes, still thinking about England) is notoriously unpredictable, so the best way to avoid developing panda eyes in a sudden downpour is to wear waterproof mascara. What I love about this is how no-fuss it is: you won't need to worry about your look when jumping from sight to sight! 

Multi-purpose Bronzer
Whether it’s a vacation to England or just a weekend getaway, when travelling you should aim to look healthy and aglow. The way to cheat this when there’s no sunshine is to use a sweep of bronzer on your face instead of a blush! You can also apply it slightly more liberally on your eyelids in the evening as an alternative to eye shadow, giving a simple nude yet elegant look.

Pack your clothes to include lots of layers so you are ready for all eventualities, but take just the one small make-up bag containing a nude look that adapts to all situations. Surprise your husband, boyfriend or friends you're traveling with by packing light for once! 

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