Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Days

I've always loved to swim. As a California girl, however, my swimming-activities were limited to pools and oceans.  I've gone boating on lakes a few times, but pond and lake swimming was a summer-fun activity that has always eluded me.


Steven and I met up with my best friend Bri and her husband Jordan in Provo early Saturday afternoon. We drove down to Mona, UT where these lovely ponds are located. Mona is a tiny town with one freeway exit, but the ponds there seem to have become quite an attraction for young people in the area. I can definitely see why: The water is clear and not too cold (Bri would disagree, but it really wasn't all that cold) and we can't forget the rope swings. 

This was my first time on a rope swing and I was more terrified of making a fool out of myself than anything else. The platforms definitely seem higher once you've made the climb up there! I couldn't bust out any cool backflips or tricks, but I didn't fall so I'm calling it a victory.

Working a 9-5 and running a photography business has been pretty draining on me lately. I've been spending most weekends and nights working, pushing off fun activities for "another time." I'm SO glad I decided to take a break and spend the day out in the sun with my friends!  I'll always be an ocean girl, but until I'm back on the coast these Utah lakes and ponds make mighty fine substitutes! 


Carlisa Creter said...

Looks like an awesome weekend!

Gina Alyse said...

What an awesome summer day! This feels like something out of a movie with the rope swings :) I love to swim as well--in pools, oceans and lakes! I think it feels so nice and freeing.

Hope you have a great week :)

xo, gina

Van Nguyen said...

Glad you had a nice break and had fun.

michelle said...

that looks so fun!!


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