Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Packing/Unpacking Madness


There is little more in this life that I dislike more than packing and unpacking. I kid you not, there was a moment when packing up my stuff when I actually sat back and said "I would rather light this entire place on fire and just buy new stuff when I get there." Luckily I came to my senses. 

I hate unpacking as well, mostly because it's simply such a slow process. Once I've arrived in a new place I just want everything to be perfect, which is of course impossible. It seems like no matter how many boxes you unpack there will always be more - and when my surroundings are a mess, I always feel like my life is a mess. I'm not alone in that, right?

A few days later and it's starting to feel a little less like the place has been overtaken with some sort of natural disaster.  Proof:

The two white chairs were scored at a garage sale for $35 a piece! I stupidly didn't think about moving the blanket I'd left there before snapping some photos, but you get the idea.

It's far from finished - we have yet to even find ourselves a decent dining table, have organized nothing in the kitchen, pantry and bathroom, and we're lacking decorative things like an area rug, curtains, throw pillows, etc.  We also discovered that the living room has ZERO ceiling lighting, so we'll need to find some cool lamps or something. The bones are there though, and I feel like they're good bones. I'm excited about our new place!

More posts/room tours coming once things start to really come together. 


Natasha said...

Packing takes so long and makes you aware of all the useless stuff you've gathered. Then a few days later you have to start unpacking everything. Our new house is starting to shape up and I can't wait to get my studio organised. It definitely feels like there's always so many more boxes no matter how much you've unpacked :)

michelle said...

in one year i moved 3 times. by the time i moved the last time, i had like no stuff left because i just kept getting rid of things so i wouldn't have to move them again. and now i'm doing the opposite. i am getting more things so that when i move again, i won't have to buy everything again. packing and moving is the worst.

alex ford said...

Now that you are in Utah, KSL will become your best friend! I have bought so many pieces of furniture off that site. People are moving on and are selling things. you have to be willing to look but it makes it worth it when you find a score.

Sara Louise said...

The chairs are gorgeous, what a great find! Best of luck setting into your new home :)


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