Friday, June 7, 2013

Packing For Any Adventure: How to Stay Fashionable on Holiday This Year

Hi friends! I know you're all getting ready for your summer trips, so I thought this little reminder about packing for your adventures would do you all good! Remember, the key is combining fashion with practicality. In the spirit of disclosure, this is a sponsored post. Enjoy!


Deciding what to pack has got to be one of the most time-consuming parts of holiday prep, especially if you're jetting off somewhere completely new. Packing with fashion in mind can be a tricky balance if you're off hiking in Scandinavia or visiting an unfamiliar city. However, you can still be on-trend without overflowing your suitcase, no matter what kind of trip you're planning. Here's how.

The clubbing holiday
This is a fairly easy one, especially if you're a veteran of Ibiza beach parties or lively holidays to Magaluf. The humid weather makes sleeveless styles a must for both day and night but don't forget you can cover up in style with an oversized, floppy-brim hat. This year, the maxi-dress has reappeared as a key beach fashion and it's perfect for slipping over a bikini during the day. Alternate with a trendy kaftan in Aztec or animal print and you'll be ready for the sands.

Don't forget a couple of long-sleeved layers or a hoodie for those cooler early hours, especially if you're staying up for a spectacular Majorca sunrise. Many people will be rocking the club-wear bikinis; it's fine to do this here but make sure you set aside a spare set for evening as foam parties and pool parties are the norm.

The city break
No matter if you're heading to Prague or Paris this summer, wardrobe staples like skinny jeans, boardwalk-style striped tops and that essential tote bag will always look chic on the street. Try to co-ordinate to a specific colour palette so you won't end up with spares which end up unworn at the bottom of the case. Midi-length skirts are back in, and a couple of stretch jersey options are great for some casual sight-seeing.

Colour-blocking is a big hit this summer, so mix and match a couple of contrasting pieces in aqua and coral or even monochrome black and white. Include a statement floral dress in spring colours like mint or dusky rose for meals out but try to limit the heels to one pair: you'll be on your feet a lot.

The outdoor escape
This is not as much of a challenge as it might have been a decade or so ago, as recent years have seen a surge in trends for outdoor wear.

Whether you're off on a Cumbrian walking break or exploring the Chiang Mai jungle in Thailand, practical gear is a must, but it's also possible to wear it with flair. For those who are minimal in their outdoor activities, a pair of strong wellies and a ’90s-style anorak might be all you need: think Glastonbury chic and you're there.

The more adventurous should invest in a soft-shell jacket. It’s versatile and fitted enough to double as your winter waterproof as well. Trendy colours like turquoise and pillar-box red are available to boost your fashion cred. Underneath, layers which respond well to different temperatures are best, such as camisoles made from fast-drying fabric and breathable combats. Depending on your activity level, you could get away with a pair of this season's coloured chinos. Accessorise with a print tube scarf for nights around the camp fire, and you're sorted.

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