Friday, June 7, 2013

Final Adventures in California

Before I moved to Salt Lake, I knew there were a certain number of "California Exclusive" activities I needed to take part in. I've decided to compile these activities into a list so that people in SoCal (or people headed there soon!) can enjoy these epic experiences as well.

1.  Zuma Beach/Point Dume. 

Some friends and I spent a day in Malibu at the beach during my last week in SoCal. We stopped at the Jack in the Box on the way into the canyon (of course) to pick up junkfood for beachy snackage. (yes, beachy snackage is a term. Okay, it's not.)  Point Dume is further south than Zuma beach, and awesome for many reasons - I've seen dolphins, sea lions and mama/baby whales there! There is also some pretty great rock climbing on the cliffside, and you'll always see climbers there.  BE SURE TO WEAR SUNSCREEN - I thought I was being thorough with the application but my back will have to disagree with you....I had trouble sleeping (and moving, in general) the next few nights, but it was worth it.

2. Paramount Ranch

Ever seen Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? I'm pretty sure it was filmed here. You can get a kick out of this tiny little western town in the middle of Malibu/Agoura hills. To check out an engagement shoot I shot around there that week as well, click here!

3. Ventura, California

On the coast between Los Angeles and California, Ventura is my idea of a perfect little beach town. Main street is trendy and vibrant with lots of places to eat, drink and shop. I went with my mom the day before I moved to pick up some new summer clothes at my favorite thrift store, Buffalo Exchange, eat some Mexican food and enjoy the scenery.  I always recommend fish & chips from Andrea's, a no-frills eatery which sits on the picturesque Ventura harbor.

4. Republic of Pie

I love grabbing hot chocolate and a slice of pie at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood. A big group of friends and I went, ate and enjoyed the live music. It's a really cozy place and the peach-blackberry pie was delicious.

I was pretty proud of myself for fitting all of these little adventures into finals and moving week - the combination was the perfect way to say goodbye to my state. I'm not too sad to be gone; I get to visit several times this summer! 

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