Thursday, June 20, 2013


| Top: J.Crew Vintage Cotton Collection | Jeans: J.Crew | Bag: ALDO | Shoes: H&M | Necklace: Gifted | Bracelet: Oia Jules | Belt: American Eagle | Sunglasses: American Eagle | Hat: J.Crew |

This post can also be titled: The day I wore a ton of J.Crew but didn't pay full price for any of it! I owe that to clever thrifting and factory sales. Hooray!

Moving to a new place always requires some adjusting, even when it's just a small move (as a former ex-pat, it's VERY obvious that moving to an entirely different country requires a crap ton of adaptation) between states  or cities.

I've sort of crash landed in a place with an entirely new vibe, culture and climate and it's taking a little while to acclimate.  Here's a quick list of some things that will take some getting used to:

+ The dry weather. Moving from humid Germany to coastal California to dry, land-locked Utah is a huge adjustment. I've never been someone who needed to apply lotion and chapstick regularly, but now I'm needing to use it two or three times daily. The dry weather can also be a blessing, though, because 90 degrees in dry heat is SO much more manageable than humid heat.

+ The number address system. Everything seems to be mapped out on a grid, with street numbers moving in numerical orders in each direction (so, say, 200 South and 600 east would be an intersection, and the address of the house on that intersection would be something like 202 South 600 east (I just made up this address.) This seems like it could be practical, but right now it's just confusing the heck out of me.

+ The Mormon churches on every single street corner. I do like the convenience and the fact that everyone in our ward lives very close to us, but WOW, there are a lot of mormons here. Crazy!

+ 9-5 life. I started working an office job (which I love) but getting my mind, body, & schedule used to a 40-45 hour work week after 3+ years of being in school or traveling around is an adventure in and of itself. I'm almost at the point where I'm finding a good balance, but not quite!

Overall I'm really happy in Utah and excited for the adventures to come! 

5 comments: said...

Moving and changes can be good even if difficult to acclimate! This sounds so exciting for you! With that adorable J Crew hat you'll do fine in Utah!
xoxo- Kate Styled Pretty

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i want those pants, ahh. so cute.
and i get what you mean.
we've ben here for two weeks now, still working on adjusting to it all.
but i love it.


Kristin said...

Super cute outfit!

Changes are rough, especially when so many are thrown at you at once. You'll do just fine! :)
(any place with street address is a-ok in my book; after a few months in Japan where basically no such thing existed and I've been thankful ever since!)

Van Nguyen said...

Yes, the numbering system still alludes me. I have a hard time remembering my address. And I haven't remember any of the streets with numbers on them, just the ones with actual names (even these have number names). I hope you find your groove.

Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

I am absolutely loving those polka dot pants!


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