Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Day at Lagoon With Gentri Lee

When Gentri asked me to come with her to Lagoon last week, I was pretty excited for a couple of reasons. One, I had never been to Lagoon before and it looked like a whole lot of fun, and two, I would get to hang out with Gentri some more which always seems to me like a good idea. 

We got to Lagoon in the early afternoon. It was a Monday and not nearly as crowded as I thought it would be, which worked out great because we never had to wait in a line for a ride more than a few minutes.

It was a pretty warm day and the water rides did a good job of cooling us down. We masterfully crafted a safe place to keep our cameras and phones while on the rides: we stuck them in the ziploc I brought my sandwich in. Classy! 

I LOVE Lagoon - there is something very classic about this theme park and the combination of it being not too big and not too crowded has me favoring it over other parks. 

We also took a tour of pioneer village, an area in Lagoon where old houses from the original settlers of the Salt Lake Valley are on display. It was really cool to see all of that history! We also walked through the stagecoach museum which was really fun, and were surprised to find a mama peacock nesting in one of the coaches! How's that for funny?

Gentri and I were at the park several hours and went on some really fun rides! I think the combination of the heat, lack of proper food and crazy roller coasters got to me though, because after a few rollercoasters I did NOT feel my best. That's weird to me, because I'm usually the girl that rides every big coaster in the park - twice.  My apologies to Gentri if my spontaneous transformation into a 90 year old woman put a damper on the day!

I still had a TON of fun and was so glad I was able to experience this classic Utah theme park.  I highly recommend heading to Lagoon for fun in the sun this summer!

Note: Our one day tickets were compensated by Lagoon, but all opinions stated in this blog post are 100% my own! 


Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. And yay for an amusement park that isn't too crowded! :)

michelle said...

looks fun! yay for roller coasters and it not being crowded!

Jenna said...

Looks like so much fun - I'm a sucker for amusement parks :) Also awesome that you got to meet up with Gentri - blates are the best!


Van Nguyen said...

Lagoon looks fun. But I'm turning into a scaredy-cat the older I get. Roller coasts and rides that go up high sound scary to me now. But I heard the water park sounds fun there and well-worth it.

ifs ands Butts said...

I've never heard of this place, but certainly seems lik ea fun way to spend the day!


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