Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where I Wish I Could Stay in Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam, who wouldn't want to stay in a hotel near a canal ?

I only spent a couple of days in Amsterdam, but it easily rose to the top of my list of favorite cities. The impression this European city has on Americans pertains (generally) almost exclusively to sex, drugs and rock and roll.  And while yes, drug laws are far more relaxed and there is a red light district, there is so much more to Amsterdam than that. It is a city of gorgeous architecture, culture, food and design and I am absolutely itching to go back. 

I was intrigued when I heard that Amsterdam is home to the world's trendiest hotel.  Citizen M offers unique, modern design at REALLY low prices. There are 215 rooms in the hotel and all of them feature LCD TVs, a power rain shower (RAIN SHOWERS, GUYS,) climate control and a king-size bed. Gadget fans will appreciate the touch screen ‘MoodPad’ which allows you to control the television, window blinds, coloured mood lighting or even call a member of staff. Can you tell I really want to stay here? I'm not used to seeing this quality for such reasonable prices. 

Citizen M isn't just in Amsterdam - there are locations all over Europe combining fab design with affordability. With rooms as inexpensive as 66 euros a night (compared to hostels which can run more than $30 a person for dorm style rooms!) there's no reason not to turn your next sightseeing trip into something that feels far more romantic and luxurious.


Treasure Tromp said...

rain shower?! whaaat!!?? Oh man, I wish that I could go to Amsterdam one day!

Carla Bonesteel said...

I want to go so bad! This looks awesome! Just so you know, Olive & Ivy sent me to your blog!

Renata S said...

Olive & Ivy sent me to your blog also, and I'm loving every post.
I'll finally go to Amsterdam this year, just can't wait. Citizen M seems really cool - and I want to stay near a canal for sure :-)

Karen said...

That looks amazing! I'm adding Amsterdam to my list of places I want to go. Sent from Olive and Ivy :)

Jeux said...

I stayed here when I went to Amsterdam and I gave it a one star on TripAdvisor. It's incredibly far (I normally like staying outside the city centre but this place is far-far and surrounded by office buildings) and although all the features of the room were cool and the service was excellent, on our last night, the shower pod clogged, flooded, and a used razor popped up from beneath the draining system. Water got everywhere in the room, including all my clothes (there was no storage other than the drawers beneath the bed but they didn't open). When we left, I brought it up to the person at check-out and he didn't care at all.

So yeah, it was cheap and trendy, but not worth it and definitely not luxurious by any means.

Val said...

My husband and I have been dreaming up a trip to Amsterdam for next year. That hotel looks amazing!



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