Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Award Show

| Dress: Handmade by Lil' Bit & Nan | Bracelets: Oia Jules | Necklace: J.Crew | Belt: J.Crew | Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters | 

This post is in stark contrast with monday's post. Mostly because I look like an actual human being in these ones. 

There was an awards show for the Film Television and Media programs at my school. Everyone got dolled up and we had a lot of fun. I was given an award for excellence within my course which was very exciting. 

I have been spending huge amounts of time with the people in this FVTM (Film Video Television Media) program. Now at the end of the semester it is beginning to feel more like a family than a course.  I feel so at home.  

I never would have guessed that the one class that was irrelevant to my degree that I signed up for on a whim would end up being one of the most wonderful and inspiring classes I've ever taken, filled with people I love to death. 

I never thought I'd be sad to leave Moorpark College. Never, ever in a million years. But as I hear about all of these friends who will progress further in the FVTM program in the upcoming semesters - courses I didn't even know about until the last few months - my heart breaks a little. 

I will miss the people and the experience terribly. 


Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

Eek!!! Blush and two faves! You look gorgeous!!!

Life etc... said...

Such a gorgeous dress! You look lovely! How funny getting to dress up and go to an awards night - congrats :)

Victoria Mason said...

What a fabulous look! The colors, use of lace and those shoes! Adore it all!!!

Link up with at Watcha Wearing Wednesday-

ann wood said...

You look truly beautiful in this color and design! Well done.

blue hue wonderland

Jaime said...

LOVE that dress! You look fabulous! And the belt was a great choice! It really makes a difference!

Stopping by from the WIWW link up :)


Amanda Cobb said...

Wonderful dress! You look great. :)

And nothing says you can't still keep in touch with those people after this semester!

Inge Jane said...

This dress is so pretty! The color and lace are perfect.

Marci McNair said...

I love this outfit on you and especially love the shoes that you selected. The belt and the necklace are just enough of a good accent without being over-powering. Great look!

Raquel said...

That dress is gorge :)
and I love the shoes!! :D

and ps-I found you through Olive&Ivy and I love your blog :D

Rachel said...

That is a truly gorgeous dress, and I can just imagine how you feel about leaving your class. I took a few really random classes in college and they always turned out to be the best ones!

Jessica Jane said...

It is perfect and romantic!

Bekuh Browning said...

That dress looks incredible on you! I love the color, the fit, and those sleeves. Sounds like things in your life are busy and fun.

Carisa @ Bunnies and Pearls said...

wow that dress is absolutely stunning! love the lace! congrats on the award too!
Bunnies and Pearls

Jordan Jaked said...

That dress is EVERYTHING, ma'am. Stunning, stunning lace.


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