Monday, April 15, 2013

Los Angeles: Downtown Culver City

Isn't this stationary shop adorable? I wish it was open when I walked by!

For some reason I had never associated anything good with Culver City, an area in Los Angeles near Santa Monica and Marina del Rey. I'm not quite sure why, but in all my years near LA I'd never given the area much thought and didn't think it was a neighborhood worth visiting.

I was wrong, and obviously way late to the party. 

A good friend of mine just moved into an adorable studio in an art deco building right in downtown Culver. Not only is her apartment super bright and charming with historical details and hardwood floors, it's within short walking distance to a huge number of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and movie theaters. Can you tell I'm jealous? When I arrived on Friday night it was packed with people out to enjoy the start of the weekend.  Sierra and I ate at Tender Greens, a chain restaurant that served possibly the most delicious salad I've ever eaten. If you're planning to spend any time in Downtown Culver, checkout the Culver City Dining Page which lists tons of different restaurant options! There are plenty of bars, gastro-pubs, unique little cafes and even chain restaurants to choose from. While normally I don’t look to eat at franchise places, the selection of chains is really good here. I wish I had a Tender Greens closer to me!

On Saturday we wandered around the neighborhood on foot and I loved what I saw! 

Traveling to LA soon? Check out this list for other things to do in Los Angeles if you'd like more ideas for activities and neighborhoods. 

Have you been to Culver City? What are your favorite places and spaces there? 


Smallgood said...

I wish I had seen this before we went to Culver City last fall. As it was, we still had a marvelous time.

lost in travels said...

i absolutely love the cards in that shop. i love the simplicity of it : )

Lil' Bit and Nan said...

You were in Culver City? I would have told you to eat at Akasha. Delicious!


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