Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty Resolutions

This post may make me seem incredibly superficial because it's all about beauty routines. But do you know what? People need beauty routines and so do I, so I think it deserves a blog post.

Do you ever see those girls who just look irritatingly lovely? Put together, but not overdone. It's effortless, natural. They look like they've stepped from the pages of a magazine. Frustrating, right? Every time I see a girl like that I feel the urge to immediately grab her by the shoulders, shake her and ask HOW DO YOU DO IT?  

Just me? Oops.

As far as self-care goes, I'm okay but far from perfect. I tend to get wrapped up in whatever I'm doing and just forget about myself. Little things, like letting my nail polish chip and going a bit too long in between plucking my eyebrows. In times of intense stress things get a whole lot worse.

These are my beauty resolutions. I'm going to try and stick to all of these, but we'll see.

  • Change nail polish at least once a week, touching it up mid week. 
  • Keep eyebrows under control. This should be extended to keeping all body hair under control. Yes. 
  • Coconut oil hair mask every Saturday. 
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks. 
  • Leave in conditioner. I don't know why I always forget to put this in after I shower, but I do. Without fail, every time. 
  • Wear a moisturizer with SPF every day. 
  • Remember to thoroughly clean my makeup brushes once a week. (Is anyone else terrible at this? Still just me? Oops, again.) 
  • Exfoliate face and body twice a week. 
  • Start using a gradual tanning lotion for summer. 
  • Take vitamins every day for optimum skin and hair. 

This should be simple, right? Don't normal people do all of this without even having to think about it? Or are you with me?

What are your beauty resolutions? 


Bonnie Rose said...

As a mum of two I'm there with you and I'll look in the mirror and think, omg my eyebrows. But now that summer is approaching I find myself trying to stick to my regular routines like coconut hair masks.

Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

Gentri said...

I claim myself as a makeup artist and do I keep up on my body hair or nail polish? not at all.

Autumn said...

I have been trying to figure out when works best for me to do these things. I have been finding Sunday is the best day. We don't watch TV on Sunday so it leaves a lot of free time.

michelle said...

i suck at most things beauty related. i usually go makeup free and let my hair air-dry. i am good at the sunscreen though! and now self tanner. because damn, my legs are pale!

Carisa @ Bunnies and Pearls said...

wow I am terrible at these things! some weeks i am sooo good and then others im just too lazy :( but this is awesome, its great to set goals!!

Treasure Tromp said...

Not superficial! I always eye those put together ladies and think "how the heck do they do it!?" And then I realize that all it takes is a few easy steps to get there. I love this, I do. especially the nail polish - something that really pulls everything together!

Lily said...

Living with my boyfriend has definitely changed my beauty routine! Now, I'm terrible at forgetting to even put on nail polish or do a face mask where as when I lived with a girl we could do more of 'girlie' beauty stuff on a lazy night at home. I guess that can't be too surprising...

JC Carter said...

I may be the worst at this, aside from eyebrows & legg shaving, I don't do a darn thing. I rarely even put make up on, or do my hair. I never wash my face and only actually wash my hair once or twice a week.
I don't feel bad about it though. It is what works best for me.

Natasha said...

Haha, I definitely don't do all of this. I only clean my make up brushes every few months.

lost in travels said...

ok i have a MILLION vitamins but always forget to take them. it's the thought that counts right?

MissRockwell said...

OMG glrl-I such at over half of these. You just reminded me that I need to step my game up!!!


Amanda said...

I'm so bad about keeping to a beauty routine! Thanks for the inspiration to attempt a routine once again :)

Ashley Anderson said...

oh. my. word.
you are not alone on all of those.. especially the make up brush deal. i kid you not, i just learned that you needed to clean those dang things like...2ish weeks ago.

but hey.. i had to teach myself how to use make up the RIGHT way and what products to use to apply it all by myself- no one ever showed me the girlish ropes here. and i guess i never really put the pieces together and realized that burshes of course had to be cleaned. duhhh... my bad..

i shall join you in a moment of embarrassment here.


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