Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Shop the Los Angeles Fabric District

You like to sew, craft, or DIY. You're interesting in finding new fabrics and materials. Well, the LA Fabric District is a great place to start. I spent some time there a few days ago with my friends Bethany and Caroline while they hunted for fabric, and Bethany taught me her magic, fabric-hunting ways.

Where to park: Anyone who's been to Los Angeles understands that parking can be a ridiculous, expensive nightmare. To find cheap, convenient parking in the fabric district, park in the rooftop parking lot above Italy fabrics on 9th and Wall. The above photo was shot from that rooftop lot. It's relatively small and there are parking lot attendants always present. The best part is it will only cost you $3 for an entire day, unlike most nearby lots which charge by half hour or even 15 minute incriments!

Where to shop: In my opinion, 9th and Maple is the best block for fabric shopping. It's very easily accessed from our very convenient parking place, which sits right between Wall and Maple.

Bring cash. In the smaller stores bartering is just a part of the purchase, and the deal you get will depend heavily on whether or not you pay cash and how much yardage you are actually purchasing.

End your trip at Michael Levine's. This is a very large fabric store on 9th and Maple. Anything you couldn't find in the smaller stores will almost definitely be there. If you're feeling adventurous, head accross the street to the Michael Levine Loft where scraps of fabric are sold in bins at $2.50 per pound. 

Need to pee? The bathrooms in these small fabric stores will cost you money and (trust me) will not be worth the price. Just one block up from Maple (walking away from Wall street, where you parked) is a Starbucks, Subway and El Pollo Loco. I'd definitely head there if you need the loo.

Such a fun day with my girls! Now I just need to learn to sew. Ha! 


Jessica Jane said...

I live really close to there and have so much fun each time I go. Next week on Friday there is going to be huge sample sales!

Alysha Doan said...

Timely post! I am actually headed down there for a few days next week and was hoping to get there. Need to make another trip? :) Take me with you!

Kristina said...

That looks like heaven to me! We do have quite a couple of fabric stores here in Melbourne, but nothing close to a district! Amazing! Would love to go there one day!! Thanks for all the (insider) tips!
Kristina x

Errissa said...

This makes me want to go to the Fashion District this weekend!! OH WAIT...yeah, maybe in a few months ;)
Awesome parking tip btw!


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