Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Surprises!

Hi everyone! 

How was your Valentines day? Steven surprised me with something romantic and wonderful. 

Today we're out enjoying an extended Valentines day as I surprise him with a Valentines-date of my own. 

Don't worry, detailed blog posts about both days are coming soon! Until then, take a look at these amazing bloggers and add them to your weekend reading list! They're AWESOME! :D 

Jamey @ Simply Animated
Hi there! My blog is what I consider a "happiness lifestyle blog" filled with my thoughts and experiences as a young wife and mother trying to finish up my college degree, experiment with new recipes, develop my yoga skills, and run an Etsy shop all while finding time to snuggle my sweet baby boy and husband. I love living a creative, fun filled life full of clever words, new ideas, and beautiful things. I'm big on frugal living, thrift shopping, and DIY, so keep an eye out for tips and tricks. I am adamant about seeking the good and spreading the love, especially when it comes to marriage, motherhood, and family life. So come on by and see what happiness is all about!

Casey @ True Colors
I'm Casey from True Colours (yes, spelled the European way as I love all things Europe!). I grew up as an expat kid in Saudi Arabia and fell in love with the traveling lifestyle, the inspiration of other cultures and the draw of a plane headed somewhere far away. My blog is a journal of as much travel as I can fit in my life, of my thoughts and my crazy journey in this lovely life.

Kaity @ {Bee}autiful Blessings
My blog began in 2009 as I chronicled four months spent in Uganda. I took a brief hiatus in the years to follow, but found that I missed the heck out of writing! I decided that I would reinvent my little travel blog into a written testimony of all the blessings in my life. As my life has changed, so has my story. I evolved from a gypsy spirit with serious commitment issues, to the happily married wife of one small-town man. Follow along, as I share my life as a blissfully married, former marriage skeptic, an idealist with plans to feed the world and a firm believer in counting your {Bee}autiful Blessings.

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ifs ands Butts said...

Can't wait to hear about y'all's vday surprises!


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