Friday, February 22, 2013

The Burghal Girl

I want to take the time today to introduce you to Setarra, the blogger behind The Burghal Girl. I met Setarra several months ago when I created her blog design, and I've hugely enjoyed reading her blog since then. She is vibrant and enthusiastic, writing with joy and honesty about her adventures in a burrow of New York City and anywhere else she might think to go.

I've loved reading her posts about a recent trip to Barbados. In the middle of February, doesn't a Caribbean getaway just sound perfect? It does to me.

Check out Setarra's blog and add another fun read to your list!

Here's what Setarra has to say about her blog:
"This blog is my way of capturing life as it passes me by. I love exploring and learning new things about myself and the world around me. I'm a big fan of positive thinking and making the most out what life gives me. Now that I'm finally settled in the NYC area, I plan exploring as much of the city as possible. Burghal Who??? I know, I know ... I've already been teased a couple times about it sounding like I'm a Burger Gurl haha. And while I DO love me a good burger, the title of this blog means something entirely different in my mind. A burgh/borough is an urban area sitting right outside of an even bigger urban area. I think the technicality behind the definition has something to do with government jurisdiction but ... To tie it all together: I don't live in NYC but I do live in the Bronx Borough area. It's close enough so that I can get a taste of the city whenever I want and far enough when the constant hustle of the city becomes overwhelming. It's the perfect mix of city and suburbia. And that's me. The Burghal Gurl... Living Life to the Fullest in NYC. At least, that's where I am right now :)"

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Kelsey Eaton said...

Super cute blog! New follower, found you on Olive & Ivy!


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