Monday, January 28, 2013

Steven's First Time at Disneyland

My husband had never been to Dinseyland until Monday. He turned 25 on Sunday, and I surprised him after church by asking him to hop in the car for a "little drive." He had no idea what was going on  (especially because I didn't have him pack anything or wear anything special) during the 1.5 hour drive south towards Anaheim. It wasn't until I pulled into the hotel parking lot and pulled a packed suitcase out of the trunk that I explained we'd be spending the next day at Disneyland.

Guys. He was so excited.

At his insistence, we were there right when the park opened at 8 AM. For the first half of the day it was completely empty - the longest we waited in line was 10 minutes, if that! We were getting through the rides so quickly that we had time to stop and take pictures with princesses, ride around on the pirate ship Columbia and explore Pirate Island (though I still feel a hint of sadness every time it's called Pirate Island and not Tom Sawyer's Island.)

By the end of the day we were exhausted, our feet hurt and we were a little sunburned from hours spent outside in 80 degree weather - but it was so worth it. Seeing a place I've been to dozens of times through the eyes of a first-timer made it so fun and exciting!

The Indiana Jones ride will forever be my favorite.

Have you been to Disneyland? Disney World? What's your favorite ride? 


ifs ands Butts said...

What a good wifey you are - so fun!

And 80 degree weather, sigh, so jealous.

KatyK said...

I LOVE Disneyland. I lived in Phoenix, but we had lots of family in CA and we would hop over all the time. I so want to take my daughter so she can enjoy it while its all still magical, but its a little bit more of a haul from Ohio :) So glad you and your husband enjoyed your time there!

Van Nguyen said...

Glad you guys had so much fun. It's also great that your husband was so excited for it.

I've been to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I like the Space Mountain ride, if I remember it correctly. I was a little afraid because it was pitch black, expect for lights that mimic the stars.

Purposely at Home said...

yay! yay! yay!! i've been to disney world twice and LOVE it!! rockin' roller coaster, tower of terror, test track, exhibition everest, and yeah, the list goes's hard to choose just one fav. :)


Setarra said...

Aww man! My mom took me to Disneyland when I was three, I have photos to look at but remember nothing from that visit. I definitely need to add this place to my life to do list.

Allie said...

Never been to Disneyland??! What?! Disneyland is one of my happy places. I love it way too much. :)

Anonymous said...

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Jodene said...

Ah what a wonderful birthday surprise!! I like that he gotta wear a birthday sticker (button?). It's super cute!

Caroline said...


I love Orlando just because it has HP World in Universal Studios, but I think the Anaheim one is a much more manageable size. My roommate, RA, and I went during finals week last year hahaha!

Anonymous said...

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Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles | Living the (hockey) Life said...

I've never been to the Disney in CA, but I've been to Florida and Paris! Eeeek, I can't wait to have children so we can plan a big vacation with them - some of my favorite memories growing up come from vacations to Disney! :)

Altax said...

I love the disney land.

Kids Games

Allie said...

I went to disneyworld as a kid, and loved it! Such a fun birthday getaway idea ;)
I'm a new follower via Olive and Ivy! I love your blog, because I love to travel too, and have a huge dose of wanderlust :)

The Gypsy Teacher

Lani said...

Celebrating a birthday at the "Happiest Place On Earth" = best birthday surprise ever! Steven is lucky to have such a thoughtful wife. =)

Caity said...

I worked at Walt Disney World for 8 months! However, I have always wanted to go to Disneyland!!

The Little Flapper said...

I've been to Disney World, but I've been wanting to go again soon! I miss it!


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