Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jury Duty

| Blazer: Zara (old) | Top: Anthropologie | Pants: Forever 21 | Shoes: Berska (Old, but these are super cute.) | Bag: Aldo (love this one.) |

Yesterday, I decided the best way to celebrate sunny, 70 degree weather in January was wear tight, hot pink kapri pants. I was wearing this outfit around all day long as the hubs and I ran errands, passing all of these cute photo-worthy places. I had my camera in my bag and everything - but did I stop to take photos then? No! That would be ridiculous! Instead, I proceeded to wait until it was completely dark and the only possible outcome would be poorly lit images out on my patio.

That is QUALITY blogging right there.
Way to take advantage of the new relaunch with super sweet, high quality posts, Daryl.

In other news, today I am doing my favorite thing in the whole wide world.
Jury Duty.
I had only been back in the states for five days when I got my summons letter. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!
The courthouse is an hour away from where I live and I'm pretty sure I'll spend a significant portion of my day sitting in traffic.
Oh, well. At least I'll have the soundtrack to Les Miserables to keep me company.


ifs ands Butts said...

hahaha jury duty, your welcome home to the US present! I've been called 3 times but have never been there somehow.

Gina Alyse said...

I love your pink kapri pants! I hope jury duty goes well--and there's not too much traffic!

xo, gina

holly via said...

Great outfit, love the blazer!

And good luck with jury duty. I've never had to do it (was exempted last time I got a notification as a stay at home) but think it would actually be a lot of fun!

Maria said...

Ooh, I love the pants though. Good luck with jury duty. I've never had it, but I hear it's awful. xo, Maria

Megan Wait said...

What! I love how it turned out, it frames you beautifully!

Mimi Finerty said...

Love the new style and design Daryl. Enjoy your jury duty!

Ech and Will said...

Oh jury duty. I got summoned right after I turned 18. It was long and boring. The only thing that kept me sane was that I took my laptop and played on the internet all day.


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