Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Mission

Our final day in San Francisco was spent in the Mission District. I needed to find fabric to make a bridesmaid's dress for a friend's wedding, and the huge fabric outlet in the Mission turned out to be the perfect place. After finding the fabric I needed, my mom and I wandered the streets for a while. There was plenty of street art and cool buildings to keep we tourists interested.

We stopped for lunch at La Taqueria, enabling my addiction to Mexican food. The man working the cash register was hilarious and seemed to have something to say about everybody and everything. It was a great, authentically Mexican eating experience which I would recommend to anyone.

Other cool places in/around the Mission:

  • Dog Eared Books - Very cool new and used bookstore we happened accross on Valencia. I hung out in their travel/adventure section for the better part of 45 minutes. They also had a section based on food related travel (recipes from around the world, etc;.) I just about died and considered buying out the whole section. My wallet thanks me for refraining.
  • F.S.C. Barber - All I could think about when looking around this place is how much Steven would have loved it. He's very into the old world gentleman thing, and in addition to being a very cool barber shop, this place had a great selection of men's skincare, hair care (and yes, beard-care) products that would have made The Art of Manliness proud.
  • The Buffalo Exchange - Thrift store with great stuff. I'm used to shopping at their Los Angeles and Ventura locations, so when I saw that they had a store in the Mission I was elated. I picked up a pair of Free People Corderoys for $16! In the past at buffalo exchange I've found J.Crew sweaters, J.Brand jeans and other amazing top brands for a fraction of the cost.
How do you like the Mission? What's your favorite San Francisco neighborhood?


Jenna said...

I've never been to the mission district, but it looks awesome! Will have to go next time I'm in San Fran :) And those chips and guacamole have me drooling...


Celeste Rubalcava said...

for my recent honeymoon me and my husband went to San Fran and stayed in the mission district. we felt st home and like locals. for the week we were there it was nice to take the Bart back to 24th st! we'd definitely go back. there was a restaurant that I still cream abt there breakfast... boogaloos!!

Anna said...

the mission is super fun, so glad you had a blast! La Taqueria is SO BOMB. Did you go by Dolores Park at all? that's the best part of the mission!

casey ann said...

LOVE going up to the Mission + agree with Anna up there..Dolores park is beautiful! We had family who lived on 14th for years + years :)

Donchya love Buffalo Exchange?!!?!?!

Ginny said...

i LOVE the mission! lived there for quite some time and i miss my old neighborhood and all the mexican food sooo much! all the food they call "mexican" here in vienna is just crap! *sigh*

Maria said...

I've never been to San Francisco, but we do have a Buffalo Exchange down here in New Orleans, and I absolutely love it!

Mimi said...

i have never been to buffalo exchange, but i always pass by one. i gotta make sure to stop by sometime. :D

<3, Mimi


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