Monday, December 10, 2012

San Fran

As you are reading this I am enjoying my last day in San Francisco.
LOVE this city!
It is so fabulous it actually makes me consider somewhere other than Southern California as a permanent home. I mean, it's still in California so that counts for something, right?

Here are some lovely ladies I really think you ought to meet.
Danica is adorable.
Her blog is full of sweetness & optimism,
and I love looking at the styleboards she puts together!

Hi everyone! My name is Danica and I blog over on goodheart.
I'm a twenty-something girl from Texas, now living in Portland, Oregon. 
I love fashion, travel, photography, and chai tea lattes. 
Seriously, chai tea lattes are the best.


Lena lives in one of my favorite places,
totally rocks colored jeans
and has super adorable children that make my little girlish heart expand to the full width of my chest.
She also takes rockin' photos. What's not to love?

Fashion-loving, photo-taking, 30-something wife & mom of 2!  Happily blogging from a small town in Quebec, Canada... I can't cook and I don't make pretty things, but my kids are cute & our life can be pretty entertaining!

blog  facebook  twitter


Now that I'm living in America, you probably need someone else to live vicariously through.
Well, I found that person. Casey is American and lives in Germany just like I did! Check out her blog to read about her awesome travels and life with a super-cute hubby.

Hi there Roots & Wings readers! I'm Casey…an Air Force wife and transplanted Southern girl living a life of adventure abroad in beautiful Germany! I write about my life as an expat…the good, the bad, and the funny. I'm addicted to reality TV, social media, interior decorating, good food & wine, traveling, and my adorable fur-baby, Tucker. All of which are frequent topics on my blog. So, pull up a chair and stay awhile! I'd love to get to know you!


Lauren said... said now that you are living in America. Have you guys official moved here? I knew you were planning on it, but I thought you were just visiting for now. That's so exciting that everything finally came through :)


danica said...

have fun in san fran! :)

i did change my blog url everyone! sorry for the inconvenience. you can get to my blog at!


Anna said...

WHHATTT you're in SF?!?! Hope you're having a blast!! I fully support any future plans of moving here.. it really is the best :)

Tiffany said...

So jealous you'e in San Francisco!! Absolutely love that city!


Jackie D said...

I LOVE San Fran. So fun. For me it kind of feels like the most European place in California -- maybe just because it feels like an actual city whereas LA just feels kind of like this massive, unmanageable thing? I love LA, but I think if I had to move back to California I would definitely choose the northern parts.

Anonymous said...

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