Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Foodie Adventures in San Francisco

Following my return the to good old US of A, my mother and I decided to hop on a plane and head up to San Francisco for the weekend. I hadn't been in years and since both Steven and my father wouldn't be in town until the following week, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a girl's weekend.

A girl's foodie weekend, that is.

Before anything else is said, I have to extend an extremely warm thank you to Nicole, who wrote me a wonderfully long email with lots of tips and reccommendations for the city. I went to many of the places on her list and have to say: WOW! So if you're planning a trip to San Francisco soon, I definitely recommend taking a look at her blog and saying hello.

Foodie Destination #1: Ferry Building Farmers Market
One Ferry Building
San Francisco, California 94111
{Website here}

 We arrived into San Francisco around 10 AM and were settling into our hotel around 11, so we decided to head down to the San Francisco Ferry Building to check out the farmer's market and find lunch. They had a great selection of stands both inside and outside. My mom (who eats gluten-free) loved that there was a gluten-free bakery stall there and I have to say the pumpkin muffins there were DELICIOUS. Definitely made her morning.

When perusing the outdoor stands we saw that there was a really long line for something, though we didn't know what it was for. My father (who passed down his foodie and traveling genes to me) always says that if you see a long line for something food related, whatever the line is for is worth the wait so you should get in it. So we did. At the end of the line was delicious mexican food which we got to eat sitting on wooden benches looking out at the bay bridge.
Foodie Destination #2: Lucca Italian Market
1100 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110
{Website here}

We stumbled on this little italian market while wandering Valencia street near the Mission District. From an outside window you could look in to see a man making tortelinni by hand. Inside the varieties of meats, cheeses and italian snacks took me right back to the time I spent in Tuscany earlier this year. I can totally imagine myself in a few years coming home to a shoebox San Francisco apartment with an arm full of groceries from this lovely little place.

Foodie Destination #3: NOPA
560 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, California 94117
{Website here}


After reading a few reviews on NOPA I knew it was a place we had to eat at. I also read that it was pretty difficult to get a reservation and the walk-in wait could sometimes be over two hours. So, weeks before the weekend itself I checked out reservations on OpenTable and, sure enough, there were absolutely no tables open for dinner the entire weekend we were there (or the week after, mind you.) On a whim, I checked the availability for brunch and saw that there was only ONE table left! Snagged it, and it was definitely worth it.

Other places we ate at but didn't document photographically:
Wayfare Tavern: Oddly placed in the financial district but a five minute walk from our hotel. It has the feeling of an English pub while still being romantic and modern. Ordered the burger - I almost cried tears of joy, it was that good.

B44: Delicous Spanish (Catalan) Tapas Restaurant. We found this place by accident after stopping in this beyond adorable little alleyway filled with restaurants. My mom and I both loved the Catalan food we had in Barcelona so we knew this was a must. Loved everything about the scenery and my Paella was just perfect. The fact that we were wedged in a little alleyway with market lights overhead on a warm night made me feel like I was in Spain all over again.

La Taqueria: Actually, I did take pictures of this place. I just thought that it (and the mission district in general) deserved its own blog post. So, stay tuned for that.
Places we didn't eat at but would have if we had unlimited time and money:

Foreign Cinema
Tony's Pizza
Roam Artisan Burgers

I'm feeling fat just thinking about all of this good food. Do you have any favorites in San Francisco? DO SHARE!


Rachael said...

Thanks for posting all about foodie stuff in SF! Cannot WAIT to live there one day ;)

Jenna said...

San Francisco has to be one of my very favorite foodie places... so many funky delicious restaurants to choose from. I've never been to NOPA... will have to give it a try next time :)


Setarra said...

Never been to San Francisco before but your pictures do a great job of making me want to go there for a visit :)

Anacristina said...

San Francisco has so many different restaurant/food options, one of the many reasons I love it.

I'm excited to try Sushiritto one of these days!

x's & o's

ifs ands Butts said...

Love the photo of the seagulls! Sounds like a great weekend with mama!

StephanieKelly said...

San Francisco really is a food lover's dream! Now that I'm in San Diego I miss the food in SF more than most of the things about the Bay, haha. Santa Cruz is another magical food haven. I love these photos!

Aryn said...

Wow, if I lived near Location 1 I would shop there everyday! I was actually born in the Bay area but moved away when I was little. I can't wait to go back one day!

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