Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Wife Award

| Coat: Nine West Outerwear | Blouse: Anthropologie | Jeans: Free People (old - but similar style here) | Boots: Kohls| Bag: Aldo |

Things have been CRAZY since returning from San Francisco.
We got in Monday night very late and I immediately passed out from exhaustion.
Tuesday involved me running around like a chicken with its head cut off preparing our little apartment for when my husband flew into Los Angeles later that day.
Due to a misunderstanding (Read: My own stupidity) he ended up waiting for me at the airport for over an hour.
I obviously deserve the best wife award.


Kate M said...

No worries, I once agreed to pick a friend up from the airport at 11:15 pm, got tired, napped on the couch starting at 9, had my phone stashed in our bedroom to charge and never heard the alarm or ringing ringing ringing when he called to find out if I was coming. He called another friend to save him and I didn't even realize I was a jerk until the following morning. Hope this helps ease your mind :)
Side note- you look so perfectly polished in this laid back outfit. European elegance permeated into your styling, for sure.

Jackie D said...

I once went to the wrong airport to pick up my boyf. I still have not lived that down.

Jenna said...

Loving the outfit! How does it feel to be Stateside again!? :) Must be fun with all of the Christmas festivities happening... I'm sort of bummed I'm missing it this year.

And the airport thing... totally something I would do!


ifs ands Butts said...

Sigh, it looks so warm and sunny there.


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