Thursday, December 6, 2012


My thoughts since arriving in America on Tuesday night: 

1. Oh dear goodness is it warm.
2. It smells so good here.
4. There is ICE IN MY DRINK.
5. This ice is so dang cold, my teeth hurt.
6. I am so tired.
7. Why are these Americans in the airport striking up a random conversation with me? Oh right! America!
8. Ohhh, in-n-out, in-n-out, in-n-out.
10. Can I take a nap in here?
11. It's only 9PM but I'm passing the heck out. 
12. American pillows are so much better than German pillows.
13.  Why am I awake at 5 AM?!
14. Mani/Pedi/Wax/Spraytan: I now look the part of a TRUE AMERICAN.
15. American toilet paper is way softer than German toilet paper. 
16. I suppose I should buy an iPhone.
17. Bought an iPhone!
18. I'm a blogger, so it's only natural that I create an instagram account .5 seconds after buying an iPhone. 
19. Follow me on instagram here.
20. Can I just eat all american food by inhaling it all at once?
21. I think I'm going to stay a while.


Jenna said...

Haha! Love this American-themed stream of consciousness - sounds quite similar to how I feel when I go back for a visit :)


A Lavender Sea said...

You got me at in-n-out!! I am totally craving one of those!! Rather then thinking it is so warm here, right now I'm thinking it is so cold here in Spain and all my clothes are for California!! How am I to endure this??
Tessa Lynn

Maggie B. said...

Well now, come to the East Coast of America and you'll freeze your butt off! 19 degrees this morning!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

omggggg Im soooo jealous of youuuu. Did you move back there or just visiting?

ifs ands Butts said...

ugh so right about the American pillows - I bought 3 massive ones for my bed here and it's still not the same.

Laurie said...

This made me laugh.

Welcome back to the US! You will love Instagram for is seriously addicting. (I just started following you on Instagram!)

Jessica said...

Yup, you pretty much just described all things American. Nothing like In-n-Out, soft toilet paper, and a cozy pillow.

Elle said...

1. i just followed you on instagram.
2. i now need to get in-n-out today.
3. i need a nap.
4. welcome back!!!

Lani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole Marie said...

i can not wait to sink my teeth into in n out!

Elisha said...

Hahaha!! Welcome! Also, iPhone.. Nice choice! ;)

Lani said...

LOL (literally). Welcome back!!! & if you find yourself missing the cold (ha!), you're more than welcome to head to Boston for a visit, it's currently 35 degrees.

lily white english rose said...

love this post, made me laugh so much :D so craving an in-n-out burger now lol

Anonymous said...

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Ashlee said...

This made me burst out laughing - Everything is just oh so true. Gotta love America. haha

Glad the trip went well and that you are adjusting being back! :)

Jamie said...

This post made me laugh!
Glad to hear that you got back to the States safely.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Welcome back!!! :)

engquist said...

Oh goodness can I relate to this thought process. Last time I went back, mine also included running thoughts about an epic cold and family pictures. It was hilarious! Enjoy it all! (And go to Target for me..please!) (:

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Welcome back! That list seems about appropriate :)

Jenny said...

You are finally back?!?! Hooray! Where are you living? Any plans of coming to Utah? You better let me know if you do!

Sara Louise said...

I just lived vicariously through you a little bit and it was awesome.

Van Nguyen said...

You're so funny. Welcome back home to the USA! I created an Instagram account too when I got my iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Poor you, how did you survive Germany at all???!!! I'm German and I am glad to live here.


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