Monday, October 15, 2012

Women We Want To Be

At one time or another, we've all experienced it: the feeling that we are not good enough, not thin enough, not -insert-any-adjedctive-on-earth-here- enough. I would say these feelings roll around every few months for me. I'm a fairly confident individual and I believe that a high-self-esteem is crucial for women who want to live happy, healthy, successful lives. Still, insecurity is inescapable...and sometimes that's not a bad thing. It keeps us humble. It keeps us striving for improvement and working at being better instead of just sitting around being complacent.

So with that aforementioned insecurity in tow, I've been thinking about the woman I want to be. I want to be reliable, responsible, dependable (and let's be real here, that just doesn't describe me right now) but still spontaneous and ready for an adventure. I want to be honest, kind, and remember to do basic things like pray each and every day. I want to get straight A's in school and not procrastinate on work that needs to be done. I want to read books, piles and piles of them, books about the world and the incredible, inspiring people in it. I want to be a loving and supportive wife to my husband, there for him when he needs me, and even when he doesn't. I want to eat fresh, healthy food and exercise daily. I want to be dilligent enough to keep my nails painted and my eyebrows in order be perfectly honest, to remember to shower every day. I want to be artistic and creative, making music and crafts and art and other things that create beauty and joy on a regular basis. I want to be inspired, and I want to inspire others. I want to climb mountains and move them.

We are only human, and it is not healthy or productive to set unrealistic goals for ourselves. I'm going to be taking it slow, day-by-day, trying to improve the way I live little by little. Making all of those changes all at once just seems like a recipe for failure and a mental break-down or two. Just because we're not exactly who/where/doing what we want doesn't mean we should think less of ourselves. We're on the journey, just like everybody else.

 I guess what I'm trying to say is this: We will never be perfect (no matter how hard we try!) and we should stop comparing ourselves to others and absolutely stop hating ourselves when we don't meet the impossibly high goals we set. We can take baby steps. We can attempt each day to be a little better than we were the day before, and the best part is that the only people who can tell us what "better" means are ourselves.


JC Carter said...

Perfectly stated.

I have been feeling the same way lately.

Lauren said...

Amazing post, Daryl. And I agree with you 100%. There is so much I want to do with my life, but instead of working on it as much as I should be, I start comparing myself to other people (even other bloggers) and it puts me in a rut. When in reality, I'm growing more than I have yet. I'm so excited for the new opportunities coming my way and should be more focused/excited about them than what I don't have.


Ashley said...

we our own on worst critics as you know and we really only let down ourselves most of the time. i think having goals is great but chipping away at them is the way to go too otherwise what fun is life.

Ashlee said...


This is something that I constantly struggle with - sadly. And when I randomly do have those days of carefree thinking and I feel good about myself, I feel awesome...but the next day is usually followed by a bleh day!

Alex Butts said...

Not. Enough. Hours. In. The. Day. But we can try :)

Magical Day Dream said...

Yes, This is one of these life lessons we somewhere know deep down, but is so hard to live out! But we do get better and letting go and setting priorities. It just takes time. Much of it ;)



Kelsea Echo said...

What a perfect post! We all have our insecure days, but I totally agree that working toward who you want to be is the way to go. I'd add more... but really, you've said it all!


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