Friday, October 5, 2012

Tuscany Bound

Hello Friends! I am headed off to Tuscany for (what will hopefully be) the most romantic and relaxing getaway of our lives. Here's to hoping.

Fact: I booked our trip to Tuscany in early September after one lazy afternoon of chick-flick watching. I watched Under the Tuscan Sun and all I could think the whole time was....oh goodness, I have to be there now! Couldn't teleport there instantly (to my dismay) but I could happily settle for a month wait.

I made Steven a promise to unplug, so this is goodbye for a while!

Luckily these GREAT blogs will keep you entertained. No really, they're all amazing!

Gentri Lee

I have been reading Gentri's blog since before I was a blogger myself. It is upbeat, quirky and right up my alley. I have a feeling it will be up your alley too! I love her oh so much and if (for some very, very odd reason) you aren't following this lovely lady, now is the time to change that.

She recently posted about being a tourist in her own town, which I loved! One thing people forget about traveling is that fun and adventure can be found right outside our door.

Visit Gentri's Lee!

Traveling Triplets

Meet the Traveling Triplets. Yes, you read that right. Megan, Lisa & Kylie are identical triplets who love to travel the world.  Collectively they have been just about everywhere, which is partially why I'm obsessed with them. I love looking at their photos of Central America, Hawaii, and the delicious food they make. (In case you didn't know, travel + food = my happy place.)

If you want to see the most aesthetically pleasing post ever involving gorgeous nature and a fab VW bus, click here.

Marshall's Abroad.
Remember when I said that food + travel = my happy thirty seconds ago? Well, if that's the case (it is) then Amanda's blog is heaven on earth. This woman can COOK, and she photographs it so well that I always leave her blog hungry. Oh, did I mention she lives on a tropical island with her hunky military husband and together they travel Asia and have a fabulous home with a terrace and an ocean view?  I KNOW.

View her (gorgeous) recipe for super-fresh tomato soup here.

Visit Marshall's Abroad!


Alex Butts said...

Gute Reise!

Sean Carter said...

It looks like you are quite ready for some rest and relaxation! Hope you enjoyed it. One thing that really helped was the website of our Tuscany villa rentals. It had so much helpful information and some pretty in-depth resources to help be ready before we even got there


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