Monday, October 1, 2012

The Things That Calm Me Down


 After reading the many thoughtful comments you all left on this post, I made an effort to simplify my schedule and focus on things that calmed me down over the weekend. I couldn't "unplug" completely, because I had a mountain of homework to finish for my online classes, but I didn't worry about blogging or social media or networking or any of the other internet-related things that take up so much of my time. I declined several freelance writing jobs, wishing I could take them but knowing that I needed to clear my mind and my schedule before I loaded up my plate again.

Here's a list of things that absolutely helped me destress over the weekend:

1. A visit to the Farmer's Market. (Photo 1) I perused the stalls, scoring some great finds like super fresh tomatoes, fresh bunches of fragrant herbs, and a giant (and I do mean giant) Zuchinni for only one Euro. We devoured our fresh finds over the weekend - I made a stew in the slow cooker that used nothing but potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, celery, zuchinni, pureed fresh tomatoes with parsley, rosemary and garlic. All of these ingredients I'd picked up at the farmers market, and all of them had probably been in the ground that morning and were now sitting on my table, tasting delicious. Couldn't have made me happier.

2. Experimenting with food photography again. (Photos 2-4) I can't wait to get the proper equipment and accessories to really grow in this department. I want to learn how to better document the meals I cook.

3. Sunday morning breakfast with freshly baked homemade rolls. (Photo 5) There is nothing like waking up late on a weekend morning, slipping on fuzzy slippers and making yourself a yummy breakfast to enjoy with family. Two PM church, I love you!

4. I love these bits of random greenery (photo 6) that decorate my living room for fall. The scented candles make the whole house smell like the holiday season, which brings me instant relaxation. In love.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Share your stories!

Congratulations to Anna Rodriguez for winning the Firenzi Wreath giveaway!
Congratulations to Kelsey Yu for winning the Dearest Lou Ad space giveaway!

I will be contacting you both shortly about collecting your prizes.


Jenna said...

So glad you are taking sometime to destress and take care of yourself! All of those fresh veggies look delicious :)


Van said...

Your weekend sounds great. Glad you figured things out and decided to prioritize. I really enjoyed my Saturday cooking a turkey dinner for my husband and me.

Alex Butts said...

Glad you made some time for yourself to sit back for a bit.

I want to find zuchinis that big to make zucchini pizzas but i never see them!

Mimi Finerty said...

That stew sounds phenomenal! Super simple, lots of fresh ingredients and great flavours. I love the market - and the super cheap finds you can pick up. And cooking is definitely a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon :)

Madeline Grace said...

Daryl those veggies and herbs look amazing! I love the use of photography! I think you really have an eye for it!

Cooking is one of my ways I unwind! I ended up making homemade apple strudel! You can see it on my blog!

I hope you can fully unwind soon!

-Madeline Grace

StephanieKelly said...

Those all sound like such wonderful things to de-stress with! That produce looks amazing! Please do take up more food photography, we need more attractive pictures of fresh, healthy food on pinterest to balance all of the desserts I want but can't ever actually eat!

Charity Poole said...

Love the pictures; looks like you succeeded in having a tranquil weekend!

Ashlee said...

I need to focus on things that calm me...I like this Idea! It's like Therapy! I know what I will be doing when I get home from school today...CALMING DOWN! haha

Lindsey said...

Scented candles always make me feel relaxed too. Especially when they have scents that remind you of the best time of the year. Glad you had a nice weekend!


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