Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Driving to Denmark

The North Sea - Denmark, 2011
Today I'm headed to Denmark with my family. The car is packed up with luggage and snacks and I've come prepared with an iPod, a neck pillow and various books to keep me entertained. This will be my third time in Denmark, and I'm hoping that I will actually get to see Copenhagen this time! I am going to be driving a leg of this journey (which in total usually takes about 7 or 8 hours) which means I'll be behind the wheel of a car for the first time in...a year and a half?

Stay off the roads.

On another unrelated (but equally important) note, it's about time to start thinking about Christmas shopping! Honestly, time flies so quickly I can't believe it. Be sure to check out these shops for beautiful, personalized gift ideas.
The custom portraits at Indie Finley are unique, different and beautiful. I love gifts that actually have some thought put into them and it is always so nice to receive a present that is personal. These portraits would be great to give to a friend, family member or spouse - and they're fun!

I'm in a place in life where nesting is definitely on the mind. If everything goes well with Steven's visa we should be back in the U.S. in a matter of months, looking at houses and making plans to settle down. I would LOVE some nice bedding sets like the ones sold at Swanky Outlet. These would make great gifts for anyone with home decor on the brain.


But if all else fails, there's always jewelry. Are you listening boys? The jewelry that Andrea Bonelli makes is stunning, like I-need-this-in-my-life-now stunning. I love the way she works with metals; it is unique, interesting and breathtaking. This jewelry would make great gifts (for you or your loved ones!) Sometimes we need to treat ourselves, right?


Happy Shopping!


Anna said...

gorgeous photos! Hope you have fun!

ifs ands Butts said...

ah I adore Copenhagen so I sure hope you make it there during the trip. I'm sure it's a bit chilly though

Charity Poole said...

Such gorgeous photographs. Have a great trip!


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