Monday, October 8, 2012

Dreaming of South Africa

You may recognize this fabulous lady, as she's been mentioned a time or two on the blog before.
 That is because I love her, with all my heart, and we haven't even met. But you can bet that if we lived in the same city ( know...knew each other in real life) it would be all shopping trips and lunch dates and fabulous girls nights out (and in!)
And I seriously hope that my adoration of her is not one sided, because if it is then all I'm doing right now is sounding a tad creepy.

Jenna is a California native. (Like me!)
And she is an expat. (Ooh, like me!)
And she has sweet man candy who happens to be half-German (also like me! Steven is half German/half Danish but is a German national.)

So if you haven't noticed we have a lot in common.

The big difference between us is that while I live in rainy, gloomy Germany, Jenna resides in warm, sunny South Africa.

-insert wistful sigh-

She blogs at Home Away From Home, where she writes about life in South Africa and the awesome things she gets to experience there.

such as cuddle with baby lions (I AM NOT KIDDING)
take part in numerous volunteer projects,
and go on safari's.
You know, the usual stuff.

I am extremely fascinated by Jenna's fabulous life in the Rainbow Nation, and I know you should be too. Hop on over to her blog to say hello! 


Megan Wait said...

If you ever do happen to come and visit Jenna, I'm in! We'll have the most awesome time!

Jenna said...

The adoration most definitely is NOT one sided! I have a huge hunch that we would be besties if we lived in the same area too!

Thanks so much for the feature - so glad to be sponsoring you this month :)


Sara Louise said...

Jenna and her blog are both adorable :)


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