Monday, September 17, 2012

Road Trips, Weddings & Constant Travel

     Happy Monday, friends!
I spent the weekend in Leipzig, Germany for a friend's wedding. We were supposed to spend all Sunday in Dresden but the hectic weekend completely drained us of all energy and we decided to head home early. I'm comforted by the fact that Dresden really isn't all that far away and I can visit it on another trip.

We rushed out of Frankfurt on Friday evening after work to meet up with our other friends Julius and Mike to carpool for the remainder of the drive. We arrived in Leipzig at about 11 PM.

Our hotel very proudly showing off its "One Star" rating. Whoo, budget travel!
      Leipzig was interesting. There were some very pretty buildings/areas, but they were surrounded by a huge collection of less attractive rundown buildings. There was a lot of grafitti and buildings with windows smashed in. Granted, I was at a wedding the majority of the day on Saturday and spent barely any time on Sunday exploring, so I didn't have time to truly discover Leipzig. I'm sure I would have liked it more if I'd been given more time there!

During American road trips, people snack on potato chips. German road trips? Sausage.

I was able to visit the Freiburg, Germany temple for the first time this weekend to witness our friends Jan and Tahnee get married! You may remember them from the engagement shoots I did for them this past May.

The reception was a blast! One of my favorite moments was right at the start when Jan and Tahnee took part in an Eastern German wedding tradition: They used a double saw to cut through a log! It was pretty hilarious to watch, I won't lie. Working together to saw through the log is meant to symbolise teamwork and the constant "give and take" that a marriage requires.

Congratulations Jan and Tahnee, and thanks for a memorable weekend!
Views of a wind farm from the back seat of Julius' car.
For the longest time I've been saying that I would love to live a life of constant travel. I don't mean frequent travel, I mean constant. Steven and I could just strap on backpacks and call the world our home...pick up odd-jobs along the way, volunteer, learn a few languages. We would relinquish all worries of rent or a mortgage or car payments because we wouldn't have any of those things.

This was a romantic idea of mine that I'd sigh over as I was folding laundry or doing dishes. How great would it be to truly just wander?

Well, the past few weeks I have been participating in nearly constant travel. We just returned to Frankfurt yesterday and as you read this I am most likely on a train to Cologne, Germany to spend a few days with my dad there! After experiencing the stress that the always-on-the-move lifestyle creates, I have to say I'm grateful we have roots here and place to call home. I love being able to sleep my own bed, watch television (even if I should be doing homework) and enjoy a homecooked meal.

Maybe constant travel isn't right for me. Being a weekend-wanderer suits me just fine.



Jess said...

Couldn't agree more! The first year we lived in Europe we did at least one trip a month (minimum one weekend) and had family or friends visit for at least a week a month. Not necessarily constant travel, but draining, and I'm starting to think I might be a weekend wanderer too. Funny how living abroad slowly turns you into a more homey person :)

Ashlee said...

As much as I'd love to be a constant traveler..I often find myself being home-sick after a certian period of time. But If I could take a week...or two out of every other month to travel, that would be grand!

-Ashlee Michelle

Alex Butts said...

that tradition is hysterical! I have not gotten to go to a German wedding yet but definitely hope to some day!

Carrie Teal said...

I like to travel , but for me their is no place like home. I love your one star plaque, so funny. There is always humor in everything , you just have to look for it.

Ashley // Chasing Heartbeats said...

How funny, I was in Leipzig for my first time this weekend too! I wish I had been able to explore more, but I found the architecture really fascinating and so eastern. I think you may have meant Freiberg rather than Freiburg...? And if you were in Freiberg, that is even funnier, because I was there too this weekend! Both in Leipzig and Freiberg shooting for a magazine, but that is too funny we were in the same places! Looks like a fun wedding- I love the german wedding traditions!


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