Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Post For You, Darling

Exactly two years ago, you took me on our first date.
I'd gotten dressed up and made myself all pretty in anticipation, excited but honestly not too hopeful that anything would come from this.

I'd never had very good luck in that department. In fact, up until that point the guys I dated did a pretty good job of making me feel like nothing.

And then I met you, and everything changed. How crazy to think that that one evening changed both of our lives completely.

We went on date after date, and being with you was so easy. Nothing felt forced. At the beginning I kept expecting you to lose interest, to stop calling (as the other boys often had) and for everything to fizzle out...but it didn't. It just kept getting better and better. 

And every day it's better still. 

Thank you for taking me out on that first date.
Thank you for showing me how it feels to truly be loved.

In case you haven't guessed, I think you're pretty awesome.


Jenna said...

This is so sweet! Happy 2 year dating anniversary! I plan to keep on celebrating these even after were married too :)


Alex Butts said...

You guys are hte cutest!

Jessie said...

You guys are such a beautiful couple. Y'all are gonna make some cute babies one day. Just sayin'. ;)

Lauren said...

Awh! Love this post! It's so sweet! :)


Ashlee said...

Why haven't I read your posts in a while? I am such a Lame-Face! Because this had me all giddy and happy!

I did a post about a week ago about the anniversary of mine and my boys day we met! So seeing this post made me happY! :)

Ya'll are so Cute!
(Ya'll?? Really...I am from CA)

-Ashlee Michelle

Laurie said...

so sweet!!!

christine donee said...

hmmm... I need me some kissing pictures stat.

Ashley Anderson said...

i am completely obsessed with that last picture! i don't know what it is about it..but every time i see it i'm just like alsdkhfaskjdfh GAAHH

i love you. i love you with steven. i love your married woman self. haha

Jay said...

Cute :-)

Happy 2 year date anniversary!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

How precious are you two? Congratulations on your two years. It helps that you have gorgeous backgrounds to document every stage of your journey together.


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