Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Designs and a Few Changes

Design for Mimi at Love & Life in Nicosia

Design for Zee at The Recipe Code

Design for Danielle at My Indecisive Life

These are some recent designs I've completed for some lovely ladies, each of whom had a different style and vision I was happy to bring to life for them. I need to announce that I am raising design prices from $30/design to $55/design. The reason my prices have always been quite low is that blog design was just a hobby. I didn't feel good about charging people "full price" for something I never studied in school and just sort of taught myself. However in combination with a stressful summer of traveling and a very high volume of blog design clients, blog design had stopped feeling like a hobby and started feeling like slave labor. I didn't feel like I was giving my clients the best service I was able to give because I was just worn out. Raising the prices will probably lower the volume of clients I bring in, but that will give me more time and energy to provide the clients who do come my way much better and professional service.

If you're interested in a blog design please contact me at


Mimi Finerty said...

Whether its $30 or $55 you are totally worth it. And I am amazed that you taught yourself this stuff! Super impressive.

Kelsea Echo said...

These are so, so cool! But just FYI - your Recipe Code link goes to Love & Life in Nicosia. =)


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