Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Photo Jewelry Display

The other day I became so disgusted with how disorganized my vanity table (which is actually just a glass-top desk we borrowed from Steven's sister) had become. I didn't have a system to organize my jewelry or my makeup so everything was just sort of piled up on top of the table and it looked terrible. I'd seen so many cute ways to display jewelry online, but couldn't find something that was easy for me to do. You see, DIY-ing in general is really quite difficult here. There are no craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann, and we live on the third floor of an apartment building with no terrace or balcony, so there's really no acceptable place to work on projects. I would have LOVED to build something unique and lovely to display my jewelry on, but it's just not worth it considering how much work it would require and that I'd have to leave it behind in Germany when we left anyway.

I had a bunch of photos stored away in a box from when I was using a lomography film camera, so I decided...why not create a photo display where I can hang up my jewelry? It was simple and low key and took me about five minutes. 

I used thumb tacks to hang up the photos and then used those same thumbtacks as hooks for my jewelry. It worked perfectly and I'm really happy with the result! I think this is a great option for renters and college students in dorm rooms who can't create something permanent. The photos can be swapped out whenever you'd like and the whole thing can be removed quickly when it's time to pack up and go! 

I wanted to be able to hang up my bracelets as well and came up with a quick and easy solution:

I didn't have any cute twine or rope (which would have been adorable) So I just cut three strips of random scrap fabric I found around the house. I braided the fabric together quickly and used thumbtacks to stretch out my makeshift rope out horizontally at the bottom of the photo display. My bracelets and hair clips hooked right onto it! 

After my jewelry was organized, it was easy to make my makeup look nice: 

I scored these little glass dishes off of my landlord who was about to throw them out. Pretty, classy and oh so simple!

How do you keep your makeup and jewelry organized? 


eighteenthofmay said...

That is such a cute way to organise your jewellery! I love it! Those lomo photos are really cool too :) So creative!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

i'm actually in the process of organizing my jewelry from our move back in May. i can't wait to have it all finished. i like your idea on thrifted bowls! i have so many stored away along with jars that i might pull out for this!

StephanieKelly said...

While I was away at college I needed to find a functional and portable way bring makeup to and from school every so often and I wanted it to be something that I could just leave my makeup in all the time so my roommate at the time, who was an organizing genius, found these little snapware containers at Target. I have mine organized so that everything for my face and the basics is the top, eye stuff in the middle, and miscellaneous lip products and sunscreens in the bottom. It's not nearly as pretty as some other things but it is certainly easy and effective, especially because when I go somewhere I can just bring the top portion with me.

It definitely doesn't hold all of my makeup but it organizes the stuff I use most often.

All of my earrings are in little bead organizers that you can find at michaels or walmart for $2 and I have a pretty little silver platter for when I'm too lazy to put my stuff back in the jewelry box.


Kris said...

Love these ideas! I made a jewelry hanger out of knobs for my necklaces and I keep earrings in little dishes I've gotten at thrift stores. I just got a few mason jars to keep all my makeup brushes in which definitely helps reduce the clutter! :)


Anh said...

This looks great! I might try something similar, but put the photos and jewelry on a cork board so I don't put more holes in my wall. My apartment manager won't like that one bit.


Britta Marie said...

these are great ideas!! i have been looking for some easy ways to organize my jewelry because it is basically all just clumped together right now which makes me not even want to wear it!

Alex Butts said...

ooooh I so want to do this in my new room when I get back!!


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