Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blast from the Past: Yellowstone National Park

I was clicking around on my mother's facebook page when I came across these photos from a family vacation in 2009 to Yellowstone National Park. They brought a smile to my face and I thought they were certainly worth sharing. The above photo was taken from our car as we waited the 5+ minutes for the buffalo to clear the street. These animals are impressive. If one charged our car I'm almost positive the buffalo would have won. Don't worry, we came out of Yellowstone alive.

We were traveling in our family RV (My dad and his RV are pretty much inseparable, he loves that thing like a family member.) and I remember being completely awed by how lovely our surroundings were. If you haven't yet been to the Tetons or Yellowstone, I would highly suggest putting it on your "Must-see" list.

That's a big animal. 
Our dog Henry was quite intrigued by these strange creatures. 
He also likes driving RVs.

We went white water rafting for the first time on this trip. If  you want to laugh...a lot,  pay attention to the changes in my face (and my brother's face) in the front row. 

I may or my not have been a little scared.
I'm not ashamed. 


Jenna said...

I LOVE Yellowstone - the buffalo are amazing... and huge! I'd love to go back again and take Jurgen one day :)


Jenna said...
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Jenna said...
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Jenna said...
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MJ @ The Wild Child said...

Yellowstone was one of my favorite family vacations! I can't wait to go back some day. Love your pictures of the buffalo!

Kim @ said...

lmao!! i went to yellowstone when i was 18 (?) with my friend's fam and it was so fun! but that was also the time i got something stuck in my eye, on my (hard) contact, my contact got a hole in it, got stuck to my eye, i had to go to the west yellowstone medical center to have them take it off, then walk around the entire day with a patch taped to my eye (of course my patch i mean a cotton ball taped over my eye). it was awesome!! hahah!!

& when i went white water rafting in costa rica we flipped and it was actually the most terrifying moments of my life!!

xo, kim

Niken said...

yellowstone! that's so cool.
i love rafting too

Kelsea Echo said...

How fun! This reminds me of how I was so in love with the water buffalo when I visited China and did a Yangtze River cruise... they were everywhere!

bailey k. said...

Awesome! I want to go there so bad!

I'm starting a new link party on my blog that is exclusively for traveling and experiencing different places. If you could hop on over and link this post or any other 'traveling' post, I would be so grateful! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.


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