Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel Photography: Capture the Color

I was honored to have been nominated for the Capture the Color photo competition by not just one but two of my favorite travel blogs: A Suitcase and Stilettos and The Wrong Way Home. Capture the Color is a fun travel photo competition put on by Travel Supermarket in which contestants select five photos that each represent a different color to them - all in hopes of winning some awesome prizes! I am so humbled to be participating, because there are some AMAZING entries out there to which I really couldn't even hope to compare myself to. The talent in this world is truly overwhelming! 


This photo was taken in the Bavarian Alps (Southern Germany) just last week. We were floating out on the middle of this lake, enjoying the hour or so of sunshine we'd be blessed with that day (those clouds were headed our way) and off in the not-so-distant distance you could see the mountains...mountains that appeared blue instead of green or brown, and I honestly have no idea why. It was breathtaking, though, and I felt lucky to be able to capture it with my camera. I was reminded in many ways of the time I spent in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Though the landscape there was substantially less "European" the mountains are blue there, too. 


This photo was taken in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. There are many reasons I selected this photo: the pop of yellow near the top of it being the most obvious. What I think is really special about this photo, however, is the juxtaposition of Christianity and Islam represented inside this spectacular building. For those of you who don't know, the Hagia Sophia was originally a Christian church during the Byzantine, Latin and Roman empires. When Constantinople was taken by the Ottomans (and subsequently renamed Istanbul) the church was converted into a Muslim Mosque. Mosaics and other artwork depicting Christian symbols and themes were removed or covered over. Now that the Hagia Sophia has been converted to a museum, some of the mosaics have been uncovered. Here you see a mosaic of Christ sitting just underneath a pattern-painted ceiling created by the Ottomans: both a stunning golden yellow in color.


I went back and forth with this image because it is quite (too?) obviously green, but in the end this image had a story closest to my heart and it seemed like the right choice. This photo was taken near Nonnberg Abbey overlooking Salzburg, Austria. The mountains and the trees are green without question, but it is what is in the foreground that truly interests me; two church domes, slowly turned green over time due to rain and weather. Salzburg has been a place I'd dreamed of visiting since I was a very young girl in love with The Sound of Music. Well, dreams do come true. :)


While green is certainly more dominant in this photo than red, I thought these red-tipped succulents were just so interesting. They were in a flower box on a windowsill I'd passed while wandering the streets of Valetta, Malta. It was so hot that day, even though it was only May, and everyone in the city seemed to have their windows wide open in hopes a ventilating their homes. An old woman (most likely the owners of these beauties) eyed me warily from another window as I took these photos, but smiled at me when I waved to her as I continued on my way. 


This photo was taken from Galata bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. The boats in the foreground are selling food to the crowds of local people gathered to enjoy yummy seafood and other snacks.   There is a hazy whiteness to this photo that I normally take great lengths to avoid or edit away, but for some reason I loved this photo enough to leave it exactly how it was taken. I remember standing on this bridge enjoying the smell of cooking food and an array of various spices. It was very loud on this bridge - you could hear people haggling for knock off sunglasses, street performers singing and playing instruments like the accordion, guitar, violin. Older turkish men stood at the edge of the bridge, casting fishing lines into the water. I remember standing here and soaking it all in and feeling truly happy. I go back to this memory quite often. 

And now it's time to nominate five travel blogs to participate in Capture the Color!

Jenni Austria Germany - We have visited many of the same places, and I love hearing Jenni's travel stories...both the good and bad ones!

Traveling Triplets - I'm basically obsessed with these three. Between the three of them they have been pretty much everywhere and I would love to see what they come up with.

Let's be Adventurers - Let's just say I'm Jealous of all of the places this girl has been!

Glocal Girl - From Barcelona to Amsterdam, I know Jenealle will have loads of color to share with us!

A Home Away From Home - it's hard to think of Africa and not think COLOR. Girl, I think you've got this one in the bag!


Megan said...

such awesome entries!!! i especially love the photo of the last istanbul one in white! im more and more curious of this city everytime i see a photo of it!

and its so funny you put salzburg in the green category b/c if there was one thing i remember about that city was that the grass was soooo green!

JC said...

They are all so unbelievibly Beautiful! I am green with envy.

Izy Berry said...

Awesome entry Daryl, so happy to see it! I think you've got a good shot at bringing home the money. Fingers and toes crossed! besos

Kelsea @ Pink Wonderland said...

Wow, you have certainly captured the colors!! Good luck and beautiful photos as always!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

holy moly! how am i supposed to compete with your photos?! they are amazing!

Mimi Finerty said...

I love your photography!! Its gorgeous time after time!!

Lauren, Ephemerratic said...

The white and the yellow pics are my favorites. Especially the yellow — I remember seeing that light at the Hagia Sophia and just not knowing my camera well enough to really capture the light, no less the color of the mosaics. I've learned since to take LOTS of photos at all sorts of settings instead.

dit said...

Love them!!!
And `travel photography` reminds me of my holidays, they are starting next week!

Lindsay Frost said...

This contest was so fun. Each one of your entries are incredible. Awesome photography!

Erin Winkel said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning! You are so talented.

Sara Louise said...

Your photos are seriously stunning! You are super talented and need to be selling some of these prints because they are that good!

Natalie T. said...

These are amazing photos. Glad I found your blog through this contest. Thanks for sharing! You're making me want to go to Istanbul now! :)

Erica said...

I love the photos that you picked! My favorite is the green photo from Austria because the color is reflected so beautifully in nature and in architecture, hinting at a relationship between the two :)

I actually participated myself and thought it was pretty fun digging through photos from past trips (though I have to admit that laziness got the best of me so they were all pretty recent photos).


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