Monday, June 4, 2012

My twin. Well, close.

Jeanelle is one of my biggest blog crushes ever. 
I'm actually convinced we are the same person. 
Native Californians turned European ex-pats
BOTH in love with hot men named Steven (!!!) 
with huge passions for international food and adventure.

Pretty sweet, am I right? Am I right??


Hi there! I'm Jeanelle and I blog over at Glocal Girl.  Nearly three years ago I moved from vibrant, colorful and intoxicating Los Angeles to her Mediterranean counterpart: Barcelona, Spain to pursue an international MBA degree.  I fell in love with the city almost immediately, and that year turned out to be one of the best of my life.

Since that fateful first day of school, I made new international friends, discovered new business practices, traveled to the corners of Europe before graduating and relocating to Amsterdam with my Dutch classmate (turned love).

Guest Post_7

I never expected to me abroad this long but I am embracing each new experience along the way! Here are some of the highlights:

Steven and I celebrating the Queen's Birthday my first year in the Netherlands. Everyone wears orange (the national color) and from morning till night there are street parties galore. We never had anything like this in Los Angeles!

Guest Post_1

Guest Post_2

I am such a foodie and love trying new plates from different countries. The tapas in Spain, the gelato in Italy, the cheese from France, the frites in Belgium - I've discovered a lot of new favorite dishes!

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Guest Post_3

Guest Post_6

Showing my family and friends my new life.  When someone comes to visit I love sharing my new life with them. Here I am with my family in France last summer for my birthday!


You can catch me at Glocal Girl or daily on Twitter @GlocalGirl!  Thanks for having me Daryl!



Megan said...

love jeanelle's blog :)

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

thanks for introducing me to her blog! that's so awesome that you have so much in common. what a small world!
xo bhrett

Laura said...

I'm so impressed with everyone wearing orange like that! I find that I've never seen such community until I moved to Europe!

Robyn said...

ohh-going now to check out the blog

Tiffany said...

Love excited to check out her blog! As an Oklahoma State alum, seeing everyone dressed in orange just warms my heart! :)



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