Thursday, June 14, 2012

If You Want to Hear Me Sing (Or Laugh at Me)

I re-found this video today. It is from 2010. 
My friends and I decided to make a video inspired by this one.
We had a lot of time on our hands back then, apparently.
I watched it three times over and cried a lot.
I miss them all so much.

Video Creds;
Piano + Vocals: Yours Truly
Additional Vocals: Bri Brinkman
Crazy Cast:
Sierra Blackburn
Brandon Meyers Fortuna
Paul Bacera
Matt Bacera
Connor Lindsey (little bro)

Also featuring:
Henry the Dog
and my dad.


P.S. I replay parts 1:55-1:56 and 2:43 over and over again.
And then cry some more. But they're good tears mostly so don't worry. 


Ariel Tyler said...

I love this song!! Most people I've played it for had never heard it. You just got WAY cooler! :)

kellyelizabeth said...

I love this!! and that song has quickly become my favorite song :)

kelly elizabeth

Alyx said...

Wait a second... I didn't know you play piano!!

Jenna said...

Love it! And I must say, you are blessed with an amazing voice :)


Katrin said...

Wow, you just made me smile and cry at the same time. This is awesome. And I miss my friends too. You have such a beautiful voice!

Robyn said...

wow-you can sing!

Nicole Waxman said...

Simi Valley produces AWESOME people! Just saying...;)

Stephanie said...

That was so awesome! Such sweet memories, I'm sure :)

Lani said...

You have such a beautiful voice! I la-la-love that your friends made this video with you! I feel your trip to Cali to visit friends was canceled (I'd be there now). Cheer up! =)


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