Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Five Minute Bermuda Shorts

Once upon a time, my friends, there was a perfect fitting pair of boot leg jeans. They were flattering, high quality, and all in all just incredible. They were the sort of jeans friends would want to form a sisterhood over and mail between them over summer vacation. They were the kind of jeans that made my husband say "Dangggg" and walk behind me instead of next to me for a bit so he could check it all out. If you know what I mean.

It took two years, but the bottom hemline of these jeans were getting pretty destroyed. They were a little bit too long and would drag on the ground if I didn't wear heels. The jeans still looked amazing on me, until you looked down and saw the ripping and tearing along the bottom.

With our trip to Barcelona in mind, I decided to convert these perfect fitting jeans into a pair of perfect fitting bermuda shorts. For those of you who don't know, I've made a religious choice to dress modestly...which means I don't wear short shorts, mini skirts or show my shoulders or stomach. It's difficult to find bermuda shorts in stores at all, let alone cute ones, so making my own seemed like a really good option.

I know making cutoff shorts is NOT a revolutionary idea. I just don't think people realize how easy it is and how nice the results can be. Thus, behold: A DIY Cutoff Short Tutorial!

Try on your jeans and mark about two inches below where you want your jeans to fall on your leg with a pencil. I was kind of silly and marked too high, so my shorts are shorter than I'd originally intended them to be. I still like them and think they're both modest and flattering, but if you want to make yours longer don't repeat my mistake!

Cut them jeans. Make sure the cut is even on both legs!

Fold over until you've reached your desired length!

Iron over the fold, which will keep the bottom of your shorts from unrolling.

I hate having to take my own outfit photos.
I just feel bad asking my husband to go out in the rain and take pictures of me all of the time. I suppose as a blogger this is just something I'm going to have to get over.

Like my shoes? Learn how to make them here.

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Jenna said...

LOVE! I really did have no idea how easy it is to make bermuda shorts, I thought sewing was involved. I've got a few pairs of jeans just waiting for this DIY :)


bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

These look so great on you! I could NEVER wear this length of shorts without my legs looking like boy-legs! I'll live vicariously through you :)

xo bhrett

~julee~ said...

Great job! I need to do something very similar to my old jeans. :)

StephanieKelly said...

These look amazing on you! I think the length is very flattering, not too long or short. Also, I want your shoes! Where did you find those and would be the sold in the States?

Mimi Finerty said...

that was sooooo easy!!! i have so many pairs of jeans at the back of the wardrobe that im waiting for something to do with so thank you for giving me an idea!!

Kati said...

I was so inspired by this diy today that I got out a pair of older jeans and made a pair. Thanks! :)

Alex Butts said...

whoa no sewing required?? who woulda thought!


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