Friday, May 4, 2012

Wanderlust in My Veins

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Dear Readers, In case you haven't noticed, my wanderlust is going Ca-razy as of late. I think it must have been talking about our travel plans on Wednesday, because as of then I can NOT stop dreaming! Here are a bunch of lovely images I've compiled that will hopefully incite the same burning passion in you that I am currently feeling. 

Dear World, why must you be so incredibly big and beautiful?! You have so much to teach me and I thank God every day that I was put on such an amazing planet.

Dear Job, I love you so much. You are so fun. Going to work every day is a complete pleasure. I wish I could take my job on the road every day so I could work AND travel. That would be the most incredibly life-completing thing ever invented in the universe.

Dear Germany,  You are blue-skied and green right now, and for that I love you. I heard you were bringing thunderstorms tomorrow though, to which my only response is "Boo, you whore." 

Dear Airfare, why do you have to be so expensive in summer?!

Dear Europe, why do you have to be so expensive in summer?!

Dear Europe again, oh well, I love you anyway.

Happy Friday, dear friends!
What are your plans for the weekend?




Jillian Nicole said...

All of those images are so gorgeous and vibrant--you're giving me the travel bug!:)

Cait said...

wow i LOVE the images daryl! and loving your blog too by the way! def a new follower!

Sara Louise said...

Gotta love Europe! I feel so blessed to live in Europe everyday and want to soak up as much of it as possible.
Bon weekend! :)

Sara Louise said...

Gotta love Europe! I feel so blessed to live in Europe everyday and want to soak up as much of it as possible.
Bon weekend! :)

Eloquent English said...

What colorful wonderful pictures!!!! Nothing wrong with wandering! xoxo

Lauren said...

lol I love the Mean Girls clip you've added in. I agree, expensive airfare sucks! Your post on Wednesday actually made my traveling bug even stronger :S It's a whole year before we'll be on vacation again when we head to Brighton for a wedding but until then I can at least look into what's around Brighton for us to see while we're there! And because of those dumb expensive flights, I'm looking at the Caribbean for another trip. A bit cheaper than Europe I guess. Great pictures lady!!

Laura said...

I love those pictures! You have me wonderlusting, hard! I've found some cheap flights with ryant (sp?) air lately...but to go to the UK. Which airline do you use?

Liz said...

I love those images!! Beautiful! Can't wait to see your adventures. And mean girls quote? Can we be bffs? Haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog I'm so glad you found me!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Love all the bright color! I feel you girl :) Just beautiful. I love to travel and experiance others cultures!

you can call me Liz said...

Wanderlust = my soul. I totally empathize :)

Kell said...

Um.. blog friends! I am so jealous. All I want is the opportunity to visit one foreign country!

Baylee said...

I have wanderlust big time right now too.. great pics!

Gabriella said...

I'm feeling the exact same way lately - I just recently visited Brazil for the second time, but I've never been to Europe; my goal is to visit this year. Hopefully it will happen! Hope you're able to travel again soon!


Jenny said...

I am the same way! There are so many places I want to go. Luckily, because of my job, airfare is not a problem...but having two kids kind of limits where/how long/how often I can go somewhere. Our next big trip will probably be Italy or Peru and I can't wait!!
Modern Modest Beauty

Alex Butts said...

Ya I think I'll be staying put this summer. Well, tourist summer at least. Squeezing in my last trip in a couple weeks. Why Europe WHY are oyu so expensive. I mean I know you only have some of the best vacation spots in the world and spectacular weather in the summer and all, but ugh.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

baha "boo, you whore" that made me LOL, fo' reals.

found you through tid+bits :)



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